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preggy at 40
12 Replies
latisha.32 - March 1

honestly, i never did expect i would get pregnant at 40 and i know it's kind of late to bear child but then again i got married at the age of 37 and so normally this is our first and hopefully a successful one. i've heard about my friends talking complications when you're a bit older getting pregnant, how true this can be?


chelsea - March 1

i think if you are physically fit and you are into great shape and you don't have any illness, there's nothing to worry.


audrey - March 1

well there's always that good and bad points when getting pregnant at 40. honestly it's harder to get pregnant when you are waiting for it and tendency is that you are more likely your immune can become weaker.


Santie - March 1

My friend got pregnant at the age of 45, Our friends were so concerned about her situations , some were advice not to push through unto it because they were so troubled of what might happened to her in her pregnancy,NOw she has her baby ..strong and healthy.


Nancy - March 1

there are also some pregnancy complications that can be one of your concern and you should take note of that and follow doctor's orders. go for a regular checkup and physical examination so as to avoid any future complications thereafter.


Crushe - March 1

Pregnancy has many complications even if the woman is young or she may be old. Professional or common laborer. There are many complications but only how you could bear it. It is not an easy situation but we are happy if we know that we become pro-creator of God.


Eden - March 2

pregnancy at 40 is not alarming anymore not like before, today there are many gadgets which are already invented, the advanced technology has many inventions which can give great help. So in your case, there's no need to worry.


buildy - March 4

that is sooo good for you. just take good care of yourself, have a doctor who will take care of you too so you'll know the right thing to do and of course he/she will guide you to have a smooth and successful delivery.


NileKhu - March 4

I believe there might be some complications but as long as you take good care of yourself with proper diet and all and of course trust in Him, everything will be fine. ;)


mocca baby - March 12

Not all who are pregnant in their late years have encountered complications. It really matter on how healthy you are physically. And it's important that you consult your doctor, have a monthly visit to know your condition.As long as you always monitor your condition as well as your baby, you are sure that nothing bad will happen..think positive always!


carisse - March 13

at this age, I can say that it is a risk to become pregnant. the reproductive organ may not function in accordance to its ability to do that must be done.


ysah - March 17

Complications are part of pregnancy whether a woman is at it's early years of pregnancy or at the later part. If the woman is not careful enough to take care of herself. But if a woman is very cautious enough about her condition, I think there's really nothing to worry about.


porschia - April 14

Having said that, there are still some risks that increase with age related to pregnancy. The most obvious is the increase in risk of chromosome problems like Down syndrome. At your age, the risk of a chromosome problem is 1 in 42. With a normal level two ultrasound, the risk is reduced by half, to about 1 in 80. This is still a low risk (79 in 80 chances that the baby won't have a chromosome problem) but substantially increased from when you were younger. As such, we offer extra testing to see if the baby has a chromosome problem -- an amniocentesis. This carries a risk (1 in 200) of losing the baby, though, so you have to weigh the risks and benefits carefully before deciding.



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