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Pregnancy Depression
15 Replies
Imee - March 12

I'm so totally depressed with anything. I don't know but even without any good reason at all, I'm still is depressed. My concerned family and friends told me that depression during pregnancy is really not good because my emotion could greatly affects my baby. Is this true? Can my depression could really harm my baby? In what way?


cheska - March 13

Well, though pregnancy for some could be a time for a mother to experience great joy and excitement. There are also others who would be feeling a some kind of depression.Probably, it's one of the unexpected changes of emotion they are's part of hormonal changes I guess.


Marowe - March 13

Why are you get depressed? Is this child in your womb is an unexpected? If this is so, then try to adopt it as it is. The fetus inside in your womb is a gift from God. You might transfer your depression to your child and at the time if his/her growing up depression might envelope in his/her life. A dim of success may experience to those who always feel depression.


shereen - March 19

pregnancy depression is common to women all of the world. i myself experienced that especially on my last trimester and after i gave birth. i had so many angst with giving birth and it lasted for even 2 years.


Imee - March 19

Yes, this pregnancy of mine is very unexpected because this is out of wedlock! that's why I was so very devastated and my family also was very disappointed.


geraldine - March 20

Well, you should also remember that even if your pregnancy was very unexpected and you are very sad about the bad things that happen in your life right now, that your baby has no fault in everything. You said you love your baby, so prove it by being happy that you have him or her in the womb and stop being so depressed.


denise - March 20

Yes, I agree with Geraldine's comment.It's actually not your baby's fault, so stop the feeling of regret because there's nothing you can change about it anymore..instead, face everything that's happening to you right now. Your baby and your pregnancy is the most important thing that you need to focus on at present.


Cindymae - March 20

Depression can really harm the baby inside your womb. Your emotion is passed to him/her and this may caused the baby to become a blue baby.


tonette - March 21

Depression is not good during pregnancy because the baby will also be affected to your emotions.


kelly thomas - March 23

It's not good to just follow your depression..shift to other things that kind of make you not to think about your problems..remember whatever forms of depression is really not good and especially for your baby who will be greatly affected.


fionah jane - March 24

A pregnant woman should not tolerate her depression because it's not good for her and more so with the baby.According to the expert, if a pregnant mother continue to have depression and anxiety during her pregnancy, she may have the risks of preterm labor and miscarriage.


Monina - March 27

Can my depression could really harm my baby? this is your question, and the answer is YES! Whatever you've felt during pregnancy period it would be passed on to your baby inside your womb. Do you want your baby to have depression as she/he grows then go on with your depression.


Eline - April 3

Why are you feel depressed? Are you not happy of being pregnant? Does you don't expect your pregnancy at this moment? If the answers of those questions are negative then divert your views in life. Don't let depression rule your personality.


vivian - April 7

Depression should not be allowed by pregnant women to come out in their moods or emotions during pregnancy, because it can be pass it on tho their baby. They should have proper outlook with regards to their pregnancy because ..child in their womb is always be a God's gift..whatever they have gone through with their situation being pregnant.


vivian - April 8

Depression really happens in some point of a pregnant woman's life..but she should not entertain such feelings because it's really not good and does gives harmful effect to her baby instead.


Gabrielle - April 9

Why you don't fight back depression? I advice you to fight your emotion of depression, don't let this rules your life. It is within you which can give you strength to fight depression.



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