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Pregnancy Exercises
11 Replies
Josef Gabrielle - February 15

Hi, there! My Aunt is two months pregnant and is very much worried about her weight. She feels she grow bigger and bigger each day. She plan to exercise. Is exercise safe during pregnancy? Is there what we call pregnancy exercises? What aresamples of these?


geraldine - February 18

It's actually depends on what kind of exercises she has in mind. There are exercises, like swimming and walking that's good during pregnancy. Probably, she will have this form of exercises.


devine grace - February 19

Yes, I'm also in favor of having to exercise during pregnancy. I can suggest pregnant mothers to dance. Dancing is a great way to stay in shape during pregnancy. It's very healthy and fun and it works the right muscles and also allows you to work at the levels of intensity that's at your best.


joanne - February 19

Exercising during pregnancy is very important. It helps your blood levels stable, it avoid constipation and do always keep your energy levels up.


Alexia - February 20

There's increasing medical evidence that exercise, even those vigorous workout, is very healthy during pregnancy. It is found out is a certain study that pregnant women who exercise were more likely to carry their babies to full term compared to pregnant women who exercise less or not at all.


tonette - February 21

Exercise is very good during pregnancy and it's very helpful in making a pregnant woman to have a fast and safe delivery.


dominique - February 22

It's good to maintain a healthy body even during pregnancy..with the right kind of food, and proper exercise, all can be possible. It is recommended that pregnant woman must perform an aerobic exercise along with some stretching and strengthening's a kind of exercises that's proven safe and effective to have a safe and good delivery.


stella - February 22

Yes, exercise during pregnancy is good, but it's still good that a pregnant mother before doing any form of pregnancy exercises, being mention that she should consult first a doctor to avoid any pregnancy problems or complications.


zheny - February 23

it is good to have an exercise of a pregnant woman. if the pregnant woman doesn't like to do an exercise, the tendency is, there might have a trouble in delivery because she doesn't have strength.


nenen34 - February 25

Even if the woman is pregnant, she still needs to exercise so that she can make her delivery smoothly.


caroline - February 25

brisk walking most probably is the safest so far i've known and i do it when i was pregnant before. aside from brisk walking outdoors i do some bending but not that to the extreme, it's just like stretching.


CareLee - February 28

If you like the face of a hustler , then do it, by all means. In pregnancy period there's an exercises intended in this situation.But for me the best is brisk walking.



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