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Pregnancy Loss
11 Replies
lorraine - March 12

Can anybody tell me how can I deal with my grief of losing my pregnancy. Can there be any support group with other women online who have been through the same experience that I have been?


geraldine - March 13

Well, sorry for your loss my friend. It's really not easy to cope up with such pregnancy loss..but I guess, you need to face the fact that it's happened already and there's is nothing you can do to change it and stop it from happening. Be strong and you need to move on with your life. Yeah, finding a support group would be a good idea. So, don't stop believing that you will have to experience someday a very successful pregnancy.


Cremae - March 13

Well, life is a gift from God. Your pregnant baby who were lost is no longer yours. But it is not easy to a woman like you who expect so much to have a child of your own. All I can say is to offer it to God heartily, then, expect calmness within and peace of mind may all yours.


jennifer - March 14

It's really not easy to cope pregnancy loss. But all you need to put in mind that it's really not your fault and it can happen to anyone. I suggest you talk what happen openly to your partner and tell him how it's affecting you. So that they can help you..and you can get the support you need.


lovely mae - March 15

If you feel that your grief is no longer manageable, just give yourself a little bit of time. You know it's all about the falling hormone levels of your body after a miscarriage, that magnify your feelings into a full blown depression. Don't worry the hormonal part will just fade within a few weeks.


Kiara - March 16

it's really hard to accept that situation especially if you were excited.but everything happens for a reason.GOD has a purpose why it happened.just try and try until you will have a successful one..GOD BLESS...


chairhen - March 17

Pregnancy loss is really hard on the part of the mother whose carrying the child in her womb but then, some unexpected bad things happened to the baby. It's really hard to deal with the emotion of loss. But since it's happened already, then she should face the truth no matter how hard it is for her. Anyways, it's really not the end of her world.


wennie d pooh - March 17

Problems regarding pregnancy loss especially the frustrations and bad feelings that carries with it must be shared with all the family members and need not to be kept alone. Yes, there are lots of women who have same same kind of experience as you are having right now. So don't be disappointed, it's really not your fault.


tiffanie - March 17

for me, the best way to recover from a pregnancy loss is to gather family members which is usually the best people who can give you all the emotional support you need.


tonette - March 18

I do agree! In times like having to experience pregnancy loss, the best people that you can turn to ask for an emotional strength is no other than your family.


Dawn - April 11

You guys are right. That could be very hard on Lorraine's side. Try to have counseling to lift your spirit up or talk to the person who's very dear to you. Your husband or mother perhaps?


Clarisse - April 11

You know, God is the creator. He knows the outcome in our life. Whatever happen to our lives it is in accordance to His will, we have to accept it. Accept the fact that God has a plan much better for you.



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