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Quit Smoking!
18 Replies
Queerz - February 3

When you get pregnant, it comes natural that you have to, you know, stop smoking!!!
Smoking threatens the life of the fetus.


Haydeze - February 5

Yes, that's right . Don't let your baby become sickly in its growing-up. Love the baby, take care of its personality.


devine grace - February 6

Yes, be very responsible enough. It's your baby and it's your duty to protect not to harm him or her. If you have this habit, try quitting as soon as possible.


kelly thomas - February 6

That's right. If you really love your baby and you want that baby for good, then please stop smoking! If you still doing this habit, then you are putting your self to the highest risk of having miscarriage or having to experience ectopic pregnancy.


moccha_baby - February 7

Smoking or inhaling smoke raises the risk of having a premature or underweight baby. So stay away from smokers and don't ever try to smoke!


Annette - February 8

a pregnant woman, who loves to smoke may find it hard to quit smoking. a strong determination of the pregnant woman should prevail.


Criez - February 8

Be positive in quitting. Remember if you can not do it, then you must accept the consequences.Whatever happen, you are to be blamed.


jobelyn - February 9

Pregnant women should quit smoking because they are having with them a baby's life to take care.The risk of smoking during pregnancy is grater than any other health problem we can imagine.


monique - February 9

Pregnant women should say a big no to smoking because if she will continue on doing this habit, she's putting herself to a big risk of having miscarriage. Then whatever happen to the baby in the womb, she will blame herself for the rest of her life.


McVeaz - February 19

It is needed because in smoking, the real problem is not just the nicotine addiction ( that keeps a person booked), but the health risks posed by the 4,000 chemicals produced by the burning cigar.


homeir77 - February 19

it really indeed, smoking can give us sickness much more to the child, the second hand smokers.


chelsee - February 24

research about smoking, have found out that when someone who quit smoking could experience a great craving to smoke again. It is not easy to quit instantly. A researcher discovers a safe medication, known as bupropion, a stimulant antidepressant, it has the ability to mimic the effects of nicotine on the brain, and so ease the problems of nicotine dependency and withdrawal.


greatly - February 28

there are lots of side effects smoking can give to the baby. for those who are having a hard time quitting, please please please for the baby, please quit smoking. I so feel bad for the babies; pregnant women are so lucky to have babies while there are lots of women that are struggling to have at least one. Count me as one of those unlucky ones. How i prayed to God that anytime soon, I'll have one to call my own.


frienship - February 28

it was studied that mothers who smoke will likely have babies with cleft palates. Of 400 smoking women observed in a dental research, half had children with cleft palates or lips. Heavier smoking increases the risk, dentists added.


Judithe - March 1

Yes, It is true, there's no good that the smoking can give to our body, why is it that some people got hooked on that thing?


Jerly - March 1

If is quit...then QUIT. In doing with quitting it is the determination of the person so that he/she can really quit.


Kristianne - March 1

every time I see a good-looking guy smoking, it completely turns me off, I can picture a rather comical image of a slimy green frog the size of a human, eyes bulging and cigarette dangling.



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