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Risks of Getting Pregnant at age above 30
17 Replies
rachel - January 30

I just get married at the age of 30 and I plan to have a baby like 2 years from now. So like I wanted to get pregnant at the age of 32. My friends says that I should get pregnant as early as now to reduce the risk while pregnant above 30. But I am not ready yet.

So i just wanted to know if getting pregnant for the first time at the age of 30 and up is somewhat risky and dangerous.

Thank you.


LorenLee - January 30

We are now in the time of technology. No need to worry because there are ways and means of how to handle the situation. It is much better to trust the Lord. Don't you ever think negative outcome. Even if you are young, you may encounter risk dilemma in pregnancy...if God allows it to will surely happened.


Pearline890 - February 2

You know, if you have a strong determination, you can have what you want but don't forget that God is looking and waiting for you to call Him.


LouLee - February 3

Due to the expertise of the researcher, the case of pregnant mature woman, may no longer at risk. Thanks.


monique - February 4

My friend is also pregnant for the first time at age 32, but praise God she's very much in good shape as well as her baby during her pregnancy. I think it's the matter of having proper prenatal check up to your doctor and have a good and nutritious foods to take and apply always a good lifestyles.


natalie - February 5

It is not just your age that matters but your health before you conceive. So less worries cause we can somehow control our health if we are disciplined enough.


gwen - February 5

Many women who delayed their pregnancy until they age over 35 are surprised to find out that with generally good health, they're not much more likely than younger women to have serious complications, and the vast majority end up having healthy babies.


rachel - February 5

Thanks a lot for all your inputs, somehow I am quite relieve.
Though there is still this fear but in a way there is a hope.

Thanks again.


Deanne - February 5

It’s a good idea for any woman but especially those who are above 30 who is considering getting pregnant to meet with her doctor for a thorough preconception consultation.


sarah - February 5

Even though with infertility treatments women have more problems conceiving as they age. So I suggest you seek help sooner rather than later.


Darlene - February 5

Rachel it may be not as risky as what we've imagined but figures suggest that 94 per cent of women aged 35 years will conceive after three years of trying.


annie - February 5

Delivery maybe not a problem but getting pregnant thing is cause as women reach their thirties, they experience a decline in fertility.


jelma - February 5

Rachel, though it is best to conceive for you right now but we cannot dictate you to be so cause as you said that you are not ready yet. But you have to be aware that while women over age 30 may have more difficulty conceiving, they also have a greater chance of having twins. Unless you like to have twins. :) The chances of having twins increases naturally with age. Women over 30 also are more likely to undergo fertility treatment, which also increases the chance of twins as well as triplets and other multiples.

So think about it.


Dallaz - February 5

This is not to scare you but women at above 30 are likely to have a baby with birth defect, most commonly down syndrome. That must be devastating to see your child with such defect.

What are your issues anyways, why you don't want to get pregnant as early as now, that is if you don't mind.


marife - February 5

Dallaz that is very rare to happen if the pregnant women is just keeping herself fit, good nutrition, constant prenatal check up and the like. You can not force one to have a baby is she is not likely ready yet.


NeneCarl - February 5

You must take good care of yourself. Don't hesitate to see the doctor every time you observe an unusual changes of your totality.


kelly thomas - February 7

Nope, getting pregnant at age above 30 is not so risky if you know you are in good health, good shape and in proper medical care.



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