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second hand smoke
11 Replies
meriam_flyod - January 30

Attention to all pregnant women!

If you are totally exposed with second hand smoke, whether your at home or at work, please be vigilant enough to stay away from it because the damage that it can cause to your baby in the womb is very devastating!!


jinky - January 30

Yeah, it's really frightening to know the effects of second hand smoke to pregnant women and most especially to the baby inside her womb. I hope smokers should also be aware of this and careful enough not to smoke in the presence of a pregnant women.


Bebeline - January 30

There are people who don't mind the effects that may cause to smoking. No conscience? The cost of prime commodities are high in which it included the medicine, then here are people who are looking for illness and affect others lives.


heatherlyn - January 31

Pregnant women who smoke are advised to quit. Birth defects such as cleft lip and palate combined with such low birth weight have been found out to be some few effects on second hand smoking. - February 1

SAD TO SAY guys that many pregnant women still smoke even though they are already aware of the consequences if they do so..Second Hand Smoke are harmful to the health of the mother and baby. Studies have shown that frequent inhalation of cigarette smoke can lead to spontaneous abortion, full term babies with low birth weight and even death of the fetus and infant. It also causes the blood vessels of the fetus to constrict reducing oxygen supply to its brain.See how it really affects the life of an innocent?So, we have to be responsible enough!


Kristanny - February 1

Yes, you should stay away from both direct and second hand smoke especially in public places because there are people who don't even care throwing up their cigarette smoke.


Lindy877 - February 3

According to the expert, second hand smoke can be more dangerous than the first hand smoker.The nicotine of the cigarette can cause addictive as heroin and cocaine.


pretty mhama - February 6

Pregnant mothers who are very much exposed to second hand smoke or worst, if they too smoke during and after pregnancy, have nearly have 4 times the risk of losing their babies to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SID).


Dyesebel490 - February 8

Second hand smokers can give damage,as the same as those first hand smokers.


heatherlyn - February 9

In addition, pregnant women who always into a second hand smoke, has the possibility of having to deliver a low weight baby or premature baby.


marie - April 14

Breathing in someone else's smoke is also harmful. Secondhand smoke during pregnancy can cause a baby to be born at low birthweight. Secondhand smoke is also dangerous to young children. Babies exposed to secondhand smoke:

* Are more likely to die from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
* Are at greater risk for asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, ear infections, respiratory symptoms
* May experience slow lung growth


Lauren - April 14

I really hate those people who didn't really care throwing away their smoke. They only think of their happiness without turning their head if they harm other people.



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