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Shooting stomach pains at 12 weeks
5 Replies
Tiana - February 15

Afternoon everyone. Just wondered if anyone had a similar experience. I get shooting stomach pains every now and then but no bleeding. This happened at 9 weeks and I got really worried as had a miscarriage last year so went to the hospital and all was okay but now I'm worried again. I've got my scan tomorrow so can find out then but just wondered if anyone could offer some advice or reassurance before then.



Liliana - February 15

i had shooting pains at 15weeks. I phoned the hospital and they told me to take paracetamol and see how it went. I was still having the pains so I went in for a checkup. They heard the baby's heartbeat so didn't need to scan and put it down to pulled muscles. This is my first so i was worried too but I felt so much better speaking to the midwife and getting reassurance everything was okay. Like you I wasn't bleeding so the chances are its stretching or like me a pulled muscle. Best thing to do is get checked out.


Shoshana - February 15

I had shooting stomach pains between 9 and 13 weeks and like you I thought I had a miscarriage and was so worried that when I went for my 12 week scan nothing would be there. However, It turned out I had stomach bug that had been going around and the main thing that helped was being signed off work for a month and being able to be home and just relax. Was taking paracetamol as soon as I started to get any pain. Just try not to panic, that was what made it worse for me. As long as there is not bleeding everything should be fine.


Lexie - February 15

I get shooting pains, I am 16 weeks and have had it from about 12 weeks. It only lasts a split second and think it is ligament pain too.

I hope what you feel is nothing to worry about.


Suniva - February 15

I had a few days of sharp pains a few weeks ago. I was panicking and wanted to go to the hospital. My husband googled about it. He found out that it can be just a possible ligament pain. Just get it checked on the following day, but don't panic too much tonight. Hopefully it is just the ligament pain (which is what I decided mine was).


jessie - February 16

don't worry of your situation. handle it with care. put all your hope and have a positive outlook in life.



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