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Signs of Pregnancy
15 Replies
Krisha**Jane - January 28

Hi, there! I think I'm getting pregnant because I always vomit early in the morning, I get so dizzy every time, I hate the smell of certain foods which I do eat before and also I always in and out of the comfort room to urinate. I want guys plzzz..share your thoughts with me okey.


rheamae - January 28

Yes, those are just few of the many signs of pregnancy. But It's best to consult a doctor or have a pregnancy test to know if you are really is pregnant or not. God bless!


Veergie - January 30

Those are symptoms of pregnancy. But to be sure, consult an expert of this matter.Be aware of self treatment.


CherryMae - February 2

Just to be sure, you must consult your doctor first and have a pregnancy test.Don't just assume that your pregnant, you never know it's a symptom of another disease that you have not detected!


jahra0577 - February 2

Doctor is the only person who can confirm pregnancy.I agree with the other girl, you should not assume.Ask the right person...Good luck


bb_JCR - February 2

This is very clear Krisha that your pregnant.

*Nausea and vomitting-also known as MORNING SICKNESS.Not all women experience morning sickness and it may not occur until 2-4 weeks after a missed period.
*Frequent Urination-once you become pregnant, your blood volume increases and your kidneys increase in size that can lead to an increase in urination.

These things that you've enumerated are the common symptoms of pregnancy but still go immediately and consult a doctor. - February 2

Just to let you know that some women may notice pregnancy symptoms as early as a few days after ovulation. It is hard to say if these symptoms are actually due to pregnancy though. Unfortunately, some of these symptoms are also the same symptoms a woman might have even if she were not pregnant.Check this with your doctor to make sure of it.


MaMaMia - February 2

This is very much obvious guys that these are symptoms of pregnancy.Just hating the smell of certain foods that you used to eat, morning sickness, dizziness, and frequent urination, i believe that you are really pregnant.I also felt these things 3years ago when i was pregnant.


Pamela340 - February 3

There are many signs in which the pregnant woman can detect that she is pregnant. But to be sure, have a pregnancy test.


marina - February 4

Krisha, the very first thing that you have to do is to go to the nearest pharmacy and get yourself a pregnancy test kit. Best to do it in the morning though. Your first urine for the day. And see if you are really correct that you're pregnant or not.The test result is 80% correct.


pamela12 - February 4

Vomiting and dizziness might be some of the symptoms of being pregnant but personally I can't assure you that you really is pregnant by just telling us your situation right now. If you haven't tried any pregnancy tests yet, please do and based from there, seek a professional advice to clarify things out.

Good luck.


VaerLine - February 5

There are persons who have no signs of their pregnancy, but she will be the one to research of herself within her the answer of her queries.


joanne - February 8

Frequent urination is also a sign of pregnancy. So, if you have experience this, better have some doctors opinion and probably the result would be pregnancy.


erna33 - February 8

signs of pregnancy, can be feel to the person right after one week, but there are some who don't feel anything. The only they've known that they are pregnant is the changes of the body physically; like the nipple becomes big, the dresses is no longer fit, they gain weight. these are just the simple detections of the woman who have no signs during their pregnancy.


Rutchie - February 14

"Missed period" is the first thing that you have to consider if you think that you are pregnant..With my past pregnancy, "menstruation" was my indicator when i was suspecting that i was pregnant..With the symptoms that you are enumerating i cannot tell that u are pregnant because "pre period" symptoms look similar to pregnancy symptoms.


jinky - February 15

Having sore breast is one of the many signs of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can experience sore breast because it's part of the preparation of the woman's body for breastfeeding.



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