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Skin pigmentation during pregnancy
16 Replies
Catherine L. - March 25

Hi there! I got this skin pigmentation and this bothers me a lot. I hate to see my skin with these things. Is this something I should be worried about or is this just common for pregnant women like me?


Donna85 - March 25

I think that is a sort of hormonal imbalance Catherine.


Catherine L. - March 25

That is what I am thinking of too.


Janet Lee - March 25

Skin changes is nothing but common to pregnant women, so nothing much to worry about.


Marychu - March 25

Don't you worry cause that skin pigmentation will subside after you give birth. :) Have a safe delivery.


Jewel - March 25

What I experience is my nipples turns dark but after I gave birth, it turns back to pinkish color.


Yvonne - March 25

I am in my second trimester and I got this dark line in my abdomen down to my pubic bone. Not so nice thing to look at.


Marieflor - March 25

I also experience skin discoloration mainly at my neck but it eventually disappear after I gave birth.


Paige - March 25

During hormonal changes during pregnancy, it is absolutely normal to have brown coloring on your skin mainly on your cheeks, nose and forehead.


joanne - March 25

skin changes during pregnancy and it is just normal and nothing to be worried about.


Ermae - March 26

I think it is common to the pregnant woman because it also happened to me every time I get pregnant. My became so brown as if I have didn't take a bath for a long time. But it was vanished after I delivered the baby.


Iamme - March 27

During my pregnancy I was so disturb of my underarm and neck that turn so so brown that discolor my fair complexion. Even if I took a bath every day the color did not change. It was just fade by itself a week after I deliver my baby.


Mikey - March 29

The skin pigmentation I have, during my pregnancy is my legs it is full of scales. Moreover, at the back of my knee, was the dark spots.


wellanne - March 29

So this is it! I am pregnant and I notice that my neck and my armpit are dark. It was so disturbing in my part because I love to wear a t-shirt without sleeves.


devine race - April 7

You better check it out with your dermatologist..I think with about all skin care problem, it's dermatologist that knows about what the solution for it.


Lalaine - April 9

I think skin pigmentation is due to pregnancy. It depends upon the situation of the baby, it affects all the body parts including the skin.


Frances - April 9

It is not an alarming situation, it is due to the hormonal imbalance while the fetus is being developed inside the womb. The changes of hormonal functions this is the reason why there is also changes in some parts of the body. but it would be back to normal as soon as the fetus fully developed.



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