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Sleep Disturbances During Pregnancy
18 Replies
hazel maxim - March 12

I usually had a good night sleep before. Now that I'm pregnant, I'm still wide awake even until 4 am. and this bothers me a lot. I had trouble time sleeping. Please can you suggest on ways I need to do so I can sleep well again?


Cheedex - March 13

are there times when you can't sleep? or Since you've been pregnant? If this is so then you can consult to a doctor so that you can be given an advice of what to do.


thinkerbell - March 14

I certainly agree! I think it is so not normal if you can't sleep since the beginning of your pregnancy and until now. You need to talk with it to your doctor and find out the cause of your sleepless night..and what are the ways you need to do in order to sleep well again.


jinky - March 15

Sleep disturbances is just normal during the last few weeks of pregnancy. A pregnant women can't sleep well because of her enlarge uterus and the frequent movement of her baby in the womb.


geraldine - March 15

Yes, it is really not uncommon to have sleep changes during pregnancy because of a lot reasons like hormonal changes, fetal growth, and the variety of common symptoms associated with pregnancy, such as heartburn and legs cramps.


mhalz77 - March 16

when i was pregnant, i had also sleepless nights because i always urinate, i think every hour..but for me it's just's really hassle, but i have nothing to do with it...


eva mae - March 16

Drinking a glass of warm milk may help bring on sleep. Foods high in carbohydrates, such as bread or crackers, can promote sleep.just try it...


alma - March 16

try to listen to classical music..or read something..reading can really make you feel sleepy.


CherryMae - March 16

the worst thing you can do if you are suffering from insomnia is to lie in bed and think about the fact that you can’t get to sleep. Get out of bed and leave the bedroom. Try doing something that will make you tired, such as reading, a warm glass of milk or relaxing music. When you are feeling tired, go back to bed and try to get to sleep.


Jhaira - March 17

If you do hard time in getting yourself need to consult your doctor because you are probably had a some kind of insomea.


samantha faye - March 19

There are many reason about not getting enough sleep during pregnancy. One is because of your large uterus that it's hard for you to move at any position you are comfortable or maybe because of the frequent movement of your baby in the womb especially, if you are in your third trimester.


Norma C. - March 19

In my case my frequent urination is the thing that causes my sleep problems. It is annoying.


Geneveive - March 19

My doctor advise me to lay on my side at night to allow proper blood flow throughout the body. That way I would feel comfortable and my sleep will not be disturbed.


Rachel - March 19

Try having a relaxing bath before going to bed, drink a glass of warm milk, and if possible a night-time massage for a sound sleep.


Farah - March 19

To Norma, I suggest you avoid drinking fluids when it is close to bedtime to limit your trips to bathroom.


Airene - March 19

Limit your caffeine intake or if possible skip it.


Redda - March 19

Everyday exercise can be a way of getting to bed at night without any disturbances.



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