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Smarter Kids
8 Replies
fionah_jane - February 5

Hello! I'm 3 months pregnant and I was told by a friend and some close relatives to start reading educational books to my baby in the womb so that it will become a smart kid in the future. Is this true?


joanne - February 5

Yes, there's a possibility..for whatever reason that I don't know but probably it's a connection with a mother and a baby inside her womb and it's helpful to the mental development of a child.


Fernzee - February 5

I have read an article that if you would like your baby smarter than the other child you must read plenty educational books during pregnancy period. I think it is true because I tried this to my baby. I study hard during my pregnancy because I was still in my Masters Degree. And I also join the choir group in our church, and at present my baby knows already how to count numbers at the age of 1.5 years old.


monique - February 6

A good start to introduce learning to your child is at the womb.


minda - February 7

i think you are's very important that you should start reading educational books while they are still in the womb.your baby may even remember the rhyme and rhythm of the books you read and you are also boosting the brain development of the baby.just do it.


mitch_symone - February 7

Yeah, that's quite true..I did that one to my second child. I have read an article that reading during pregnancy could make your baby smarter. I have tried, and so baby is now in grade three and she's done really well in school.


joanne - February 7

Facts: The brain start developing about three weeks after conception and is only partially developed at birth.


howzen - February 8

For me, it is reliable. While you are pregnant, the fetus inside can easily hear what you are reading. In your reading, do it orally as if you are reading in a person who is intently listening you.


jinky - February 9

I don't believe in this..intelligence and IQ are hereditary and not merely earned by reading books during pregnancy.



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