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Smoking Causes Cleft Palate
17 Replies
sweety22 - March 24

Is it true that ,mothers who smoke will likely have babies with cleft palates? Please do share your knowledge about this.


revern - March 24

I think ...there's no connection about this matter the cigarete of the baby inside the womb.


heatherlyn - March 24

It's a mistake done by the mother or the parents of the baby but what an irony that the one who is greatly affected is their baby. The baby will be the one suffering for the rest of her or his life.


Delaila - March 25

yes this is true...the risk of the birth defect rises with the number of cigarettes that a mother-to-be smokes each day.


riza_cretz - March 25

Not only is smoking harmful to you, it's also harmful to your baby during pregnancy. When you smoke during pregnancy, your baby is exposed to dangerous chemicals like nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar. These chemicals can lessen the amount of oxygen that your baby gets. Oxygen is very important for helping your baby grow healthy. Smoking can also damage your baby's lungs and more likely to be born with birth defects such as cleft lip or palate.


Teodosie - March 25

Smoking is a vice that can make harm to the body. There nothing good can it gives only bad things may work out of the body. Try to stop smoking before it can damaged your health.


sugary - March 25

Smoking is no good. Every time I see a good-looking guy smoking, it completely turns me off. I can picture a rather comical image of a slimy green frog the size of a human, eyes bulging and cigarette dangling from its big green lips.YUCKKK!


matinae - March 25

smoking can give defects to the baby inside in the womb. you might know it already but still you can not able to turn your back in smoking. Why?


Jennifer - March 25

I have read that alcohol and smoking causes a baby to have birth defect which includes cleft lip and palate.


AICEL - March 25

there are some certain birth defects by some babies inside womb while they are still in developing stage. although alcohol, drugs and smoking or some other vices can affect or cause birth defects, cleft palate caused by a conceiving mother who smokes is not that really true but chances are, there's a possibility it will especially when the mother has poor nutrition.


cheryl - March 25

The effects of smoking is really so unimaginable! That's why pregnant mothers be aware of the effects of smoking to your baby's health in the womb.


Jessica - March 26

I have heard that smoking does cause birth defects to a child but was not able to witness it my self.


Loveilla - March 27

I've read this also that mothers who smoke will likely have babies with cleft palates. Of 400 smoking women observed in a dental research, half had children with cleft palates or lips. Heavier smoking increases the risk, dentists added.


Mely - April 2

I do agree this idea as a matter of fact my friend has one of this as a victim shall we say.She has a child with cleft palate. She was a chain smoker she felt radical if she can't smoke before. But now upon seeing her child, she felt sad and regrets of what she had done before...smoking...


Domaenic - April 2

How sad! Guilt feeling can not be cured. But what was done can not be undone. So those pregnant women don't gamble the physical health of your child. Stop Smoking!!!


jinky - April 3

Yes, cleft palate is just one of the many dangerous effects of smoking during pregnancy.


asterisk - April 6

Smoking is not good at all. It does not only causes cleft palate but it will destroy your health and the health of the baby as well. Please refrain from smoking if you can help it, for the sake of the baby. :(



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