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Special Foods
10 Replies
sashy_009 - February 5

Do pregnant women have special foods to eat? Is this very important? What are examples of special foods a woman should eat during her pregnancy?


jinky - February 5

Special foods for pregnant mothers are:
fresh fruits and vegetables
milk and dairy products
folic acids
and many other foods with lots of vitamins and minerals


Grapez22 - February 5

Correct! The mother must be watchful enough of the food she must intake. In other words a "Healthy Life style" must prevail within the life of a pregnant woman.


heatherlyn - February 6

Special foods doesn't necessarily mean those expensive ones, right? What's good that a mother should remember during her pregnancy is to stay away from instant meal foods or those with lots of preservatives because it's not good for her and for her baby. She should have nutritious foods and natural, fresh vegetables and fruits instead.


Jackeline555 - February 6

The pregnant woman must take nutritious food. In this situation, the woman needs foods that have a lot of nutrients which can sustain the need of the fetus and the mother.


samantha_faye - February 7

Pregnant women must have to eat eggs..but of course she should avoid the raw or uncooked ones. Meat is also good but make sure that is cooked thoroughly.


sashy_009 - February 7

I heard that fish is not good during pregnancy. Is this true? Why?


monique - February 7

No, fish, especially oily fish are really good to eat during pregnancy. But as pregnant mother, you should also be aware that some fish contains environmental pollutants and stored those fishes needs to be avoided.


Uresh - February 8

there must have a good diet of which the pregnant woman can diligently follow. Stay in an healthy alternatives.


geraldine - February 9

Correct! as pregnant mother, you should be always watchful in what you eat because you are eating not just for your own self but most especially for your baby.


jinky - February 9

Healthy pregnancy diet is mainly consists of foods with high quality. Pregnant mothers who always eat a nutritious foods during her pregnancy, will surely ensure a positive health status for her and for her baby.



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