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8 Replies
Marize005 - January 28

I am so curious about this matter. How true is it that a pregnant woman may experience a tantrums? Is this just a taking for granted emotion just to abuse the other members of her family?


Dyne_mitch - January 29

There are times that pregnant women may experience some changes of her body during pregnancy. But I don't think attitude problems is really not part of it. That's why maybe what you have suspected about tantrums problem of pregnant women is true enough.


Claire - January 30

It is due to the hormonal imbalance,but it can be minimized if there is a point of view to be considered.Have a strong self controlled.


triny babe - February 1

Tantrums during pregnancy is inevitable.This is really true.I don't know.But, when I was pregnant, I easily got angry and thrown things easily.Sometimes, you cannot control your emotions and always want to shout.


queen31 - February 1

I dont believe in tantrums of a pregnant.Pregnant woman is known as a drama queen.Sometimes they are just pretending and acting.It's not good, because sometimes they are just playing the emotions of their husbands.I know people who are like that.


Geordeanne - February 2

Psychologically, yes, if it is in your genes. But don't worry too much because there are chances which you may not acquire the genes which like of your cousin.


Rhea May - February 3

Psychological reasons!? I think it is a hormonal imbalance. When the woman is pregnant, the blood going to the brain is slow in motion compare to the blood stream going to the uterus. Then tantrums may takes place.


Shane - April 13

There some pregnant women who experienced having tantrums. Pregnant women are really emotional and because of that if they want something you need to provide that something for them. But not at all times.


bianca - April 13

In time’s that a pregnant women feels insecure they started to think negative things, to avoid insecurities; let them know how beautiful they are, treat them more special like when you are still girlfriend and boyfriend. Don’t look to other women or talk about other women specially when you were together. Avoid things that easily dishearten her feelings; emotionally, mentally and physically.



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