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tender breast
12 Replies
Diana - April 7

Is having swollen tender breast a first sign or symptoms of being pregnant?


Wilma - April 7

My breasts get tender too when I am about to have my monthly period.


Jodi - April 7

Breast tenderness can be just a form of premenstrual syndrome. If you are unsure whether you are pregnant or not, do a pregnancy test.


Princess - April 7

Having tender breasts is one of the signs of being pregnant but don't have your hopes high cause PMS and pregnancy has a lot of common symptoms.


mary - April 7

not all the time. one that causes a woman with swollen or tender breasts is because she's in her menstrual cycle. yes, having swollen and tender breasts is also a sign of being pregnant.


fionah jane - April 8

Yeah, it's a sign of being pregnant if it happens when a woman miss her monthly period for almost 2 weeks already. But if she still have her regular menstruation, i think there's another reason for it..and not about pregnancy.


Lanie - April 9

Yaap! it is one of the normal signs of pregnancy. Are you expecting? then be happy God makes you as one of His pro-creator of His creation...Congratulation!!!


mavie - April 9

tender breast is also associated with pregnancy like menstrual cycle but if you find it suspicious don't hesitate to consult your doctor to make sure.prevention is better than cure.


Ashley - April 11

Yes. It is one of the signs of pregnancy, the swollen tender breast. It is because of the hormonal imbalance of the pregnant woman.


shiela - April 11

For some people its a sign that their monthly period is about to come. Why not try to have it check with your doctor she'll give you an answer to that.


Lyka - April 12

Yes, having tender breast is one of the symptoms of being pregnant.


Lindsay - April 12

Are you delayed? How many days or months? If so, then you must be pregnant and that tendering of your breast that you experience is just one of the symptoms of being pregnant.


vicky - April 14

For many women, breast tenderness occurs long before a missed period or any other sign of pregnancy. Breasts may feel a little tender to the touch and even some bras or supportive tank tops can cause discomfort. Because breast tenderness is also a sign of getting your period, a lot of times this early sign of pregnancy goes unnoticed.



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