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The Mask of pregnancy
10 Replies
Liberty - February 19

Has anyone else gotten the "mask" of pregnancy that they talk about in some of the "having a baby" books? Apparently, some women's skin darkens some in certain areas (notably the face) when they are with child. While my skin doesn't look darker, exactly, it does have a constant flush on it--not just my usual rosy cheeks, but on my chin, forehead, and all the way up into my temples! Thank goodness for a good foundation.

I was just wondering if others were experiencing this?


Tashi - February 19

I haven't had the "mask" but I have this line. I dont' think it's the "linea negra" they talk about 'cause this one is on top of my belly. It runs from just below my breasts to my belly button. it could run further but I can't see past to check!

Then again I have to limit sun exposure because I'm fair skinned. I freckle but I also burn easily.


Ardis - February 19

A pregnancy mask is a discoloration or texture of the skin on the face and unfortunately there is nothing you can do except make up or have laser done on your face. Example my mother she is in her 40s and still has a problem with the skin on her face.


Liliana - February 19

I am experiencing the "mask of pregnancy" and I was wondering if any of the newer pregnant moms were also experiencing it. I have some darker spots on my chin and around my nose. I usually just try to wash with an oil free cleanser 3 times a day, avoid concealers with oil, and use plain body lotion on my face.


Argenta - February 19

My friend had this with her twin boys. They're nearly three now, and whilst you couldn't see the mask through the winter, in the summer when she went in the sun you could still see it come out again. But she's had it lasered this year and it's gone now.

From what I understand from her, try to avoid being in sunlight too much.


Queeny - February 19

I've experience that 'mask", it was found in my neck, but after the delivery, it went back the right color of my skin.


monique - February 20

My friend experience it also. I think it's just part of the many pregnancy changes a woman can experience during her pregnancy. With my friend's case, it actually disappear right after she delivers.


sylbyll - February 23

I noticed that my neck and armpit are darken. I didn't remember that I exposed to the sun, and when I talk to my friend she also experienced what I have experienced. And to my own knowledge and research it is due to the effects of pregnancy.


jickez - February 25

A pregnant woman could experience unusual feeling or changes in the body like a discoloration of some part of the body.As of my own experience,it is in my arm pit and around in my eyes.As if I have boxed by an enemy. But after I delivered my baby it was gone.


geraldine - February 25

I don't experience such a thing..probably it's because of my vitamins that I was not able to get the mask of pregnancy you are talking about.


jobelyn - February 28

"Mask of Pregnancy" is a part of changes during pregnancy. Some of it can become permanent, but there are also others who disappear as soon as they finished giving birth.



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