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things to be considered before having a baby
11 Replies
cheska - March 28

Before having a child, I think it's good if you take into considerations a lot of things. It's good to plan right your pregnancy right, so that you won't be having regrets later. So, what are the things to be consider before having a baby? Can anyone answer please?


denise - March 29

There are lot of things you need to consider before having a is are you ready, emotionally and financially? If your answer is yes, then go ahead..but if you think your answer will be no, or maybe, then better not to have a baby yet, because you are still not ready to have the full responsibility of being a parent.


mHariel - March 29

Having a child is not an easy thing, you have to sacrifice many things.The easy life, night life and even going out with friends anytime you want..In having a child, you must consider the many responsibilities that you have to face.


Maxine - March 29

If you are fond of sleeping an extra time, without hassle, of getting up in the cool midnight then you must considered this thing. You have to get up even if you don't like to do so.


denise - March 30

Yeah, i think before you plan to have a child or get pregnant, you need to take into considerations your financial stability..if you can support your baby throughout.


monique - March 31

I think the best thing to consider before having a child is your knowledge about child bearing..if you already know how to take care of your baby, and if you are responsible enough to handle a lot of sacrifices and finances for your child's welfare. If all your answers are yes, then you are ready enough to have a go!


nevic - April 1

Well, before you will have a baby, it's good that you are responsible enough to handle the stress that possibly be encountered in having a child or baby.


monique - April 1

Consider before having a baby, who will have to care for the baby when you have it. Is it you or you will just hire a baby setter or Nanny?


shirel - April 1

mind set is very important. being prepared should be on top of it all not only you but most especially your partner. consider a lot of things like physically, mentally, emotionally and financially preparedness because you wouldn't want to risk anything from getting pregnant.


Rhemae - April 2

There are things that must be done.One of this is to sew a t-shirt out of the old clothing of the Father's used shirt. It should be worn right after the delivery of the baby. It is said that the Father may close to the child as also the child to her/his Father. Praise God!!!


Aldwenay - April 4

I am seeing so many great great replies! For me, if it's there, if God blessed you with a baby, take the bestest care that you can give to your child. It is a gift from Him that can't be compared to anything else in this world. Whether you are ready or not, it is not a choice, it is a blessing that you must take good care and love with all your life.


fionah jane - April 5

You can consider your lifestyles..if you are not too outgoing, don't like to have night out party, can have a baby. Because having a baby is really a very difficult need to forget everything you want those I have mention..and concentrate everything on the baby and how to take care of the baby is and should be your priority.



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