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Things to consider in having a baby
11 Replies
dominique - February 3

what are the things that needs to be consider in planning to have a baby?


pretty mhama - February 3

All of us, needs to plan our future well. That's why if ever a woman or a couple plan to have a baby of their own..they are all ready to have all the needed aspects of life in becoming a mother and a parents. If they have all the aspects..then by all means have a baby..because it's God's gift!


Heelier - February 3

I agree with you, Pretty Mhama, It is a God's gift to us. This young creature must be taken care of. So, the physical body of the woman must be prepared for this is like the lodging place of the fetus. Eat nutritious food everyday and daily exercise must be done.


Ma. Lineth - February 7

One important thing that you should have dominique is PATIENCE..Parenthood is 365 days a year, nonstop. No vacations, no holidays, no sick days, not even a rest day.So be sure that you are physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally ready.


nova214 - February 7

if you are planning to have a baby, see to it that you are FINANCIALLY SECURED because because a lack of financial security leads to problem and stress.Children need to be raised in a home with financial security.


Lyka - February 7

First thing that you have to consider is that ARE YOU READY? Have you really taken the time to fully understand the responsibilities involved in raising a child and a family?Think it over and over.A lot of responsibilities are to be considered.If you think that you are 100% ready, then, go ahead!!!


mama_care - February 7

I just want to let you know dominique that you must also consider a very loving and strong relationship with your partner because raising a child can put added stress on a relationship. Make sure you and your partner are both committed 100% to this idea and to each other to withstand the stress and to overcome whatever challenges that may come to you.


ReglAndA - February 7

Whether you like it or not, you must consider "sleep deprivation." Are you sure that you are ready to handle it 24/7 for over a week, a month, or a year?Think about it.


mhalz77 - February 7

Make sure you have lots of money so you can afford to have babysitter or helper who could help you in taking care of your baby and do the household chores.So, start saving lots and lots of money.


eva mae - February 7

If your planning to have a baby be prepared of the risk that may happen to you.It's between life and death.Are you ready for that?


sexy_fatima - February 7



herz - February 8

things to consider in having a baby; there are many to consider. Human instinct that the woman should minimize the food which consider as high in cholesterol, fatty foods and many others. Just stick to fruits and vegetables.



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