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Thoughts on teenage pregnancies
6 Replies
Dalena - February 11

Personally I think it's awful. These girls are NOT good mothers and they are too self centered to be GOOD parents. and now they have this tv show called 16 and pregnant and all that's doing is making young girls idolize these girls and want to have babies MORE and its AWFUL! I want to go to schools and throw condoms and birth control at them for free so that they can at least be safe! it makes me so upset that people act like its okay because they need to know that it isn't! I am half tempted to start petitioning to get this awful show off of the tv and making pacts to use protection, I would just love for kids minds to open more and see that its not what they want when they're 16 they're still kids themselves!


Kendra - February 11

I have seen that show before. It's main aim is to show teenage girls, that having a baby at 16 isn't easy. But sadly some girls, as you said they idolize these young mothers.

I don't think it's fair to say that they are not good mother's though, unless you personally know of some reason why they are not.

I personally don't believe their is a right or specific age to have children, but there certainly is a right situation, ie, financially able to support a child, mature enough to love and look after one and accept all the responsibilities it brings. And certainly to have a baby for the right reason's.


Tori - February 11

Personally I feel this show shows how hard it is. In most cases the guy doesn't stick around. Whether this show is on or not, teen pregnancies are going to exist. Pure mistakes and I don't feel it makes them a bad person or mother.


Aleka - February 11

I see a lot of women WELL over 18 who are still too narcissistic to have children, and yet they still have them. While I don't think you have to be of a certain age in order to have children, teenage girls are so, so young.
They're not even old enough or have the means to independently take care of themselves yet, let alone a little one.

I am generalizing here, of course. There are always exceptions, I suppose.


Kali - February 11

I think some teenagers can be good mothers. I have personally seen some. Yes they still go out and party, but they make sure their kids are well taken care of and their grades are up in school. One such gal had her baby at 17 and is going to graduate this school year (June). The father of course is a typical teenage boy when it comes to "staying with his family" and has cheated on her numerous times. But she still is sticking in there and her baby is healthy and happy. On the other hand I have seen some unbelievably irresponsible teenage mothers who need to be sterilized and educated! It's all about the individual. I do feel sorry for them though, they had their funnest years taken from them. But that's the consequences of sex and they learned the hard way! Stopping teenagers from having sex is like convincing a Sikh to eat meat! lol While you cannot stop them, you can educate them, but do not nag them! The problem is lack of education.


samantha faye - February 15

Whatever the television offers I think, in the end, it's up to the person or the teenager if she will follow what she have seen or not. Each one has it's own free will to decide on doing what they think is best for them and what makes them happy.


monique - February 15

That's right! Nobody can force a person to do something in which for herself she doesn't want to. If she follows what the young girls in the movies are doing then, I think she like it too. If she get pregnant at the very young age, it's her self that's needs to be blame.



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