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Tips and Ways for Safe pregnancy
13 Replies
Pretty Mhama - January 28

I'm a first time mother to be. I'm so excited and very happy to be able to experience soon of what is like to get pregnant. Actually, I have no idea. That's why I want to ask you guys some tips and ways on how I can have a safe pregnancy and how I can be able to manage it pretty well.


--jinky-- - January 28

Congratulations! You are already a fulfilled woman!
Well, I think the best that you should always remember that pregnancy calls for having to eat quality foods, good relaxation and rest, gentle exercise and having to have a natural supplements if necessary. That's all!


Chelsea223 - January 28

To be safe in your pregnancy, you should have a regular check-up of the doctor. Do some exercises. Eat nutritious foods.


kelly thomas - January 29

Just let me add..some tips:
avoid yourself with too much work and stress
listen to good music
sleep well
Follow all the advices you've gathered, then you will surely have a safe pregnancy..good luck!


Ladyschoice - January 31

the best person maam that you have to ask is your should consult a doctor and have a prenatal check-up so that you can assure of your safety and the're doctor will tell you all the safety measures.CONGRATS and WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF MOTHERHOOD!!!


sAm_fret - February 1

Pretty Mhama i will give you a very important TIP for you to have a safe pregnancy.BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU EAT.You have to eat MORE VEGETABLES and drink PLENTY OF WATER.YOU also have to TAKE YOUR VITAMINS especially the one that contains FOLIC ACID.And STOP EATING JUNK FOODS!!!replace it with FRUITS.This is a very important tip...TAKE NOTE.


sAm_fret - February 1

Another thing is that YOU HAVE TO SLEEP 8-10hrs a day for you to look good and remains to be a PRETTY MHAMA.You should rest and don't be STRESSED.


concern mama - February 1

Be ENVIRONMENTALLY SENSITIVE.Avoid chemicals that could possibly harm your baby. You can find these at work, in your home, and just about anywhere.Also avoid sMokes from cigarettes and from jeepneys.


mom33 - February 1

When you are pregnant,you should avoid eating "raw" or "undercooked" meat and also seafood. Raw or undercooked meat may also be the source of the parasite causing toxoplamosis. It also carries the risk of exposure to salmonella and coliform bacteria that can cause still birth, miscarriage or brain damage in the fetus.


l@dy g@g@ - February 1

I just wanna ask u Pretty Mhama?are you a fish lover because i have learned that pregnant women should avoid eating fish. This is not because eating fish is in anyway harmful. The problem is that many industrial effluents contain mercury which can poison the developing fetus as such. Many fish like shark, swordfish and tuna have the tendency to concentrate methylmercury which is harmful to the developing brain of the fetus.So becareful with this and take note because usually pregnant women love to eat fish like me.


GeorgieZ - February 1

Another tip on safe pregnancy is to avoid too much intake of alcohol.More intake of alcohol leads to severe cases of birth defects and abnormalities in babies.BEWARE OF ALCOHOL.


marga - April 9

Congratulations new mom! Avoid taking medicines without consulting you doctor. You might feel sick and just drink any medicine you want. Then have enough rest, eat healthy foods, exercise and read books for relaxation. :)


MaryLee - April 9

You must wear flat shoes,sandals, or slippers. It is needed to take a walk in a safe situation.BE watchful of your diet.


cheska - April 10

To have a very healthy pregnancy, is to avoid smoking, drinking alcoholic drinks and other bad lifestyles. Stick to a very well-balance diet, exercise and most of all positive outlook in life.



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