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Vaginal examination
11 Replies
marites - March 28

Is it really important to have vaginal examination during your pregnancy? Is it really necessary? Why?


tonette - March 28

Yes, for me it's very necessary and it has a lot of advantages in your pregnancy. By doing vaginal examination, it is possible that you can be detected if you are having cervical anomalies and with this findings, you will be able to be given an appropriate immediate care.


Sarah - March 29

Yes, very much important because it involves a complete physical check-up of the external genitals of a woman. This is recommended during pregnancy to determine the position of the baby and the cervix, as well as dilation, affacement, and the ripeness of the cervix.


Charlotte - March 29

Vaginal examination is an important part of preventive health care for all adult women. It can detect certain cancers in their early stages, infections, sexually transmitted diseases, or other reproductive system problems.


sandre - March 29

I think it is natural to have a vaginal examination. During prenatal submit yourself to this examination so that there must have a good preparation for the proper hygiene in delivering the baby.


fionah jane - March 30

Is vaginal examination the same as pap smear or they differ from each other? I'm just curious because when I was pregnant and had my first prenatal visit, the doctor gives me a pap smear, so probably it's the same as vaginal examination.


bubbles - March 31

I think it's kind of the same but the process of doing it is different.


denise - April 1

A vaginal examination includes a complete physical examination of a woman's external genitals by a health professional. Pap smear is part of the vaginal physical examination.


aida - April 1

this is just base on my opinion and heard it with my peers too. vaginal examination is somehow essential for us women especially when we are pregnant since we are much more susceptible with so many infections. hygiene is more important since we need to get rid of the risks in having any complications at all.


cheryl - April 2

That's true and it is very necessary for a pregnant woman to have such vaginal examination to make sure that she and her baby can get away with all harmful complications.


Micole - April 3

It is a part of pre-natal. it is advisable for the pregnant women to submit themselves of this examination so that it can be treated accordingly to the situation of pregnancy.


BeHereNow - April 6

I guess, Yes! It can help you and the baby to be in good health. :)



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