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Water Consumption
7 Replies
Azura - February 9

My doctor told me 8 glasses a day. Which is the recommended amount for anyone, pregnant or not. I never drank much water before, but I always drank lots of other stuff like juice and whatnot. I TRY to drink at least two 16oz water bottles a day. I know dehydration can be a big problem during pregnancy, so just try to get some in when you can.


Fabriane - February 9

I don't think there's a
Just drink as much as you can and not live in the bathroom!
I drink 60-80 oz a day.


Winona - February 9

Before I got pregnant, I drank at least 6 cups of water a day no problem. But after I got pregnant, I just feel water is too blend. I thought about drinking juices but worry that I might consume too much sugar. Any suggestions?


Raine - February 9

Squeeze some lemon in your water and add about a half cup of cranberry juice just to give it a tiny bit of'll get used to it and begin to enjoy it.


Misty - February 9

There is a maximum... it's somewhere around 14 liters though, so unless you're drinking 28 of those 16oz bottles a day, you don't have anything to worry about.

Like everyone else said, try to drink around 64oz of water-based drinks per day. You can look in the beverage aisle at your grocery store for little packets to mix into a 16oz bottle of water, they come in different flavors and some of them are vitamin-enhanced. Those help me drink more water on the days I don't feel so good.


kelly thomas - February 15

Drinking a lot of water is really good during pregnancy. It can help you energize and be more active from day to day.


geraldine - February 15

The more water you can consume during pregnancy, the better. But make it just enough, do not over drink because water as it may be, but if it's already too much, still results to negative effect on the body.


monique - February 15

Drink more water than usual during pregnancy to replace lots of fluids. It can help ease the symptoms of hemmorhoids which might occur during the later stage of pregnancy.



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