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weird places your water broke
7 Replies
Sybil - February 10

What's some weird places people's water have broke? I was just sitting here thinking of it...LOL


Nixie - February 10

This isn't a weird place but, I had an outfit picked out that I was going to wear while in labor. When I realized I was in labor for reals, I put it on. They were a pair of super comfy yoga capris.
Not 3 munites after I put them on, I lay on the couch listening to my relaxing music and POP!!!
I just remember thinking, oh no, now what am I going to wear? LOL.
But he was born about half and hour later anyways.


Bluebell - February 10

Mine broke in the bathtub, in the hospital, after I had been in hard labor for quite sometime. I felt it go POP. And then it just kept flowing. Man the contractions tripled in intensity right after it broke, too.


Avalon - February 10

Mine broke on the operating table..
After stabbing me 6 times in the back with the spinal tap needle, his 7th try was a charm, as soon as he put the stuff in, I vomited, peed all over the place.. I kept saying sorry. They just finished cleaning my legs and putting new blue slippers on my feet and POP, yup. That was my Water Breaking Experience.

My hubby comes into the room after I'm laid down and the sheets are up, all I could say was "I just vomited in the blue cup, urinated all over the place, AND my water broke on my clean feet".
Quite an experience. At least I didn't poop he said.


Prairie - February 10

Mine broke while filling out papers in the Office. I got up, assumed I peed myself, drove home, and then promptly lost the rest of my water getting out of my car in the driveway and started my contractions maybe 30 minutes later. I then had to be driven back to the hospital lol!


dailea - February 10

these are the proven idea of our Creator. He doesn't choose a specific place where to start His creation. God is good all the time.


lovely mae - February 11

This is actually not my experience but I have witness this personally. My friend's water broke in a certain bus. We are at panic that time because we didn't know what to do. She didn't mention us about what she suspect that she's in early labor already..we are on tour that time. Luckily, there's a small hospital clinic nearby and we brought her in.


catie - August 3

in a wedding while everyone's busy with the bride's speech lol! felt something cold running through my legs and thus my water broke. thankfully, i went to the wedding with my husband!



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