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What is a good technique to get pregnant?
11 Replies
Em-Em - February 22

I'm a bit awkward in sharing this but I feel and I think there is a need for me to be informed about this well enough. I have been wondering why for about 5 months now, I am not pregnant. My and my husband been doing it couple of times in a week. We were also following this calendar method but nothing seems to work. Any thoughts?


tonette - February 22

There's really no good technique in getting pregnant. It depends on you and your partner on how you will do the sex act together. But it's really not on styles or techniques but it is on the right timing!


hazel_faith - February 23

When you are considering how you can get pregnant fast, try to remember that pregnancy is very difficult to force. You have to wait for Mother Nature to help you along. Getting pregnant is not entirely under your control.But just work it out and try and try...


laura - February 23

The trick on how to get pregnant fast is to figure out when you are ovulating each month. If you can do this successfully, you will be able to have intercourse on these days in order to improve the odds that you will become pregnant that month.


krissel143 - February 23

For a woman who wants to get pregnant, it is very important to maintain a normal healthy weight according to their height. Weight is an important factor when it comes to pregnancy. Having overweight or underweight is a serious problem when it comes to pregnancy.


Rose - February 23

if you really want to get pregnant, you should avoid alcohol intake, tobacco and drugs because it directly affects your fertility by 50%. Also, when you need to take medications for any disease, always ask the doctor to prescribe medicine that have no side effects on your pregnancy.


143@green - February 23

No, I don't think that there is a good technique; it maybe good to some but no to other.


rhea mae - February 25

A good technique to get pregnant is to have sex every other day and not on a daily basis because it's in this that you and your partner could produce a lot of eggs and sperm.


Em-Em - February 28

Wow! This is so overwhelming! I haven't checked my post for quite some time now and I got these replies. These are so helpful guys! Many thanks!


Juliet - April 10

YEs, you may refer to the obstetrician how to get pregnant right away. A diligent way of following the steps must be done.


wennie d pooh - April 10

Have regular sex especially on the day that you are most fertile. That is the sure way to get pregnant.


Zenith - April 10

For me, it should be done with full of trust in God. As you've said that you've following the calendar method it is good but have you followed it religiously?



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