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What is your one big indulgence?
8 Replies
Queensley - February 10

I know we all try to eat healthy, but I think you just have to have certain things sometimes. What is the thing that you absolutely know you shouldn't eat, but just can't help?

Mine is beef jerky, with all its sodium, cholesterol, chemicals, and preservatives I know it is horrible for me, but I just can't help it. It's so good. I usually pay for it with swollen ankles, feet, hands, and wrists but, hey, it's beef jerky! lol


Freya - February 10

I can't eat wheat. It's terrible for me and it makes me sick.
Sometimes, when I think I can stand the discomfort I know will come, I eat a Burger King chicken sandwich. You know, those really greasy crappy ones with all the mayonnaise and the terrible breaded "chicken" that's mostly just grease. Yummmmmm.


Sabina - February 10

A maple flavored fondant my mom used to make when I was a kid. She gave me the recipe and I swear I have doubled my cavity count in one month. Dentist will not be happy with me.


Nyssa - February 10

At this very moment, only ice cream.
I should really try to stop eating at restaurants. Even if they are not fast food.


Milena - February 10

CheezeIts! I could eat a whole box. even though they give me heartburn.
I love the little crumbly bits and all the salt that collects in the bottom of the bag..


monique - February 11

Chocolates! I love to eat it but now, I began avoiding it because it's not good since I'm into a family of diabetic! Unfortunately, there's no chocolate that's offer a no sugar ingredient, right?


pia - April 13

That's very normal because you tend to hate your favorite foods when your pregnant. I will make you feel sick....


joyce - April 13

I love the crunchy fried chicken. I love the crunchy skin of it. But, with my allergic to chicken and my hypertension, i should stop this craziness because this will just harm my body and my health.


Nikki - April 13

JUNK FOODS is really my all-time favorite. From the word alone "junk", we all know that this is not good for our health but i can't stop eating any kind of junk foods. I really enjoy eating them, but i realized that this can worsen my UTI, so, i decided to control myself and slowly stop this habit.



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