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What to eat on the last day of Pregnancy?
5 Replies
Solange - February 11

My sister is at 36 weeks pregnant. She is almost in her due date. She want to know what can she eat that will give her power on the day of her pregnancy. So it will be easier for her to give birth. Her due date is coming, its almost time. Also what kinds of things do you pack during your pregnancy. For example do you pack anything like ipod, clothing, hair brush, etc. Anything that a woman will need in the hospital.


Zinnia - February 11

Anything you need, the hospital will pretty much provide. Maybe pack some music, comfy pajamas for after delivery, tooth brush/tooth paste, magazines to keep her occupied during labor, maybe, however, she may just want to sleep as much as possible.

As far as what to eat, whatever she wants, whatever sounds good. No matter what she eats, labor is going to be exhausting, take her out for whatever she wants and is in the mood for.


Zuri - February 11

My midwife said that eating raw pineapple would thin your membranes and help start labor. The doctors will tell you not to eat anything right before labor, but I don't really agree with that. She definitely will need to drink lots of water, because she will loose plenty of fluids during labor. And eating high in iron foods would be beneficial since she may have blood loss when she delivers. Pack clothes, of course, and hygiene products. For me, I was told to bring depends with me, and it was a great idea! The hospital gives you these awful pad things to put in your undies for the after bleeding, and the depends were much better and more comfortable. She'll probably be weak and tired afterward, so she won't need to bring much to stay busy or to read. But the baby will need his/her things to go home in and all. Don't forget the car seat, or the camera for sure!


Devika - February 11

My OBGyne said not to eat anything and just drink plenty of water. Although I was hungry, I obeyed her because I feared pooping out during labor so I didn't eat anything.


Oriane - February 11

If her doctor advised not to eat anything, then I suggest to follow it. I only ate a couple of soda crackers on my last day of pregnancy and drank lots of water. Don't worry she will be able to eat all she wants after the delivery! Any by the way, you need to bring all the necessary stuff for the baby and place it inside a baby bag. The nurse will be looking for that once the baby comes out of the nursery. Also bring necessities for your sister.


heatherlyn - February 15

Well, for me, I think I have to leave it up to my doctor. It's up to her what I need to eat during the last day of my pregnancy. My doctor knows best!



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