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When did you first feel your baby move?
13 Replies
Winona - February 18

Just curious as to when it first happened for you? Also was it a distinctive feeling, did you know as soon as you felt it that it was your baby, or did it take a few days of the same feeling to realize what it was?


Oriane - February 18

I felt the first movements around 16 weeks but they were very fleeting and infrequent. There would be many days I didn't feel anything and sometimes I wasn't sure if what I was feeling was baby. Felt a bit like trapped wind, but in the wrong place, if that makes sense.

By 20 weeks movements were starting to become more regular (a few times a day) and more obvious. Felt like a butterfly fluttering around with the occasional flip-flop that would make me catch my breath.

It wasn't until around 24 weeks that I felt regularly (on and off most of the day but with rest periods) what I would describe as kicks/punches. Movement was visible from the outside from around 22 weeks.

Once DD turned head-down (around 32 weeks) in addition to the kicks/stretches I could feel at the middle/top of my bump, I could also feel her fingers wriggling right at the bottom of my pelvis. It was like she was playing the piano!

By full-term I could identify body parts as she turned over inside me.


Veda - February 18

I felt flutters every now and then at 16 weeks. They where pretty random as well and I would just sit and wait for the feelings to happen! By 18 weeks I could tell what they where with out waiting on them and at around 20-22 weeks I felt my first "kick" ( not 100% it wasn't a punch, lol )


Hoshi - February 18

I didn't feel it until 20 weeks on the dot. I really didn't feel anything in the way of flutters or "butterflies" up until then. 16-22 weeks is the normal range. At first it was very few, then got more frequent as the weeks passed. I could describe the first kicks as if someone was inside flicking the wall of my belly. Dint quite know what it was at first, then it was unmistakable after a while.


Keshia - February 18

I felt my little one for the first time without doubt at 15 weeks, but I know that's very early. Before then I thought I felt him, but were never sure.
I never felt the butterflies either, he was like a popcorn going off, just a soft flick like.

Now he is regularly distorting my belly, and he'll kick so it hurts sometimes. grin It's so weird prodding my stomach trying to figure out what baby parts I'm touching.


pretty mhama - February 19

I felt the first movement of my baby inside my womb during the fifth months of my pregnancy. It's really a very unexplainable feeling for me. I really had a mixed emotions whether what I'm feeling that moves is really my baby or just my imagination.


shelly - March 22

i had it during the last part of my second semester and experienced more during my third trimester which is very much surprising since i can really feel the baby like having too much of movement around my belly area.. :)


sheila - March 23

I feel my baby's movement during my fifth month of pregnancy. It's so wonderful and the excitement always there every time she moves.


dianne - March 24

I feel my baby move during my 2nd trimester and it's really a wonderful feeling..I really can't explain.


nevic - March 26

I first felt the movement of my baby to be exact, during my fifth month of pregnancy..and I felt happy knowing that my baby is actually okey..since many baby's movement felt is a sign that baby is healthy.


Shirley - March 26

I have six children, three girls and three boys. They have different time of starting movements, my daughters start to move earlier than my sons.


underbye - April 6

Was really enjoying this topic! How I really love to have one; at the moment, me and my hubby are still praying for it. Hope God will bless us with a baby soon! God wiling. :)


maryanne - April 6

as I recall I felt my baby move inside my womb when it was 7-month old,I almost shock when it moves it was an unexplainable sensation.


melanie - April 14

f this is your first pregnancy, then you will probably only start to feel your baby kick or move until between the 16th and 22nd week of your pregnancy. It is also common for women who have had previous pregnancies to feel their baby move before first time mothers - sometimes as early as 13 weeks, although this is not always the case.



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