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Which Due Date?
6 Replies
Raine - February 18

I conceived through IVF this year, this means that right from the start we have known the EXACT date of conception. At my early scans they never changed my due date even when I wasn't measuring spot on because they said with an IVF pregnancy they go by those dates rather than scans. So first scan I was measuring 3 days behind, second scan I was measuring 2 days ahead, my due date never changed. These scans were done at the IVF clinic. Yesterday I had my NHS scan, I was 12 weeks exactly but was measuring at 13 weeks 1 day. Now on my medical notes they have changed my due date. My question is which due date should I go by? Obviously it was impossible for me to have conceived the week before they originally thought because it was IVF? So on my medical notes I am now classed as 13 weeks 2 days even thought I am 12 weeks and 1 day? I know in actual fact it doesn't really matter as it's only an estimated date anyway, but which date would you use?


Tarina - February 18

I'd go with whatever the hospital have given you. I think you have to be measuring a week or more behind/ahead in order for your due date to change. Hence it not having changed when you were only a couple of days either side of your previous EDD.

Like you, I was measured a few days ahead at my 12-week scan. However, because it was only a couple of days my EDD didn't change.

You are right. At the end of the day it's not really important as baby will arrive whenever, and in your case, probably slightly early on account of your medical history.


Siena - February 18

During my ultrasounds the baby was 6 days bigger than what my due date said, but they didn't change it. The doctors told me they will only change the due date if it is 7 days larger or smaller then your due date predicts.


Kyoko - February 18

I would go with the due date according to the scan. It's more accurate. That's what they did with me. Going by my LMP was inaccurate since I never have 28 days cycles, and I was unsure when I ovulated. So scan it was.


MrNiceGuy - February 18

I always heard that the later the scan, the less accurate the due date is. I'd go by the earlier scans. Either way, the due date is just a window. The only issue I can see with an earlier due date is that you might end up getting induced even earlier, which may not be great for the baby if he/she isn't ripe enough. In your case, it might not matter much because of your uterus.


geraldine - February 19

Your doctor could give you the exact due date of your pregnancy. You need not to be concerned about it. Your most concerned i think is how to deliver it normally and in safe way as possible.


BheVe - February 19

Now a days all are like to have an instant procedure, it is so thrilled that curiosity comes-in. But it doesn't matter.whether it is accurate or not.



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