Getting It Right: Hair Color

The wonderful thing about hair is that if you don't like the color you were given at birth, you can always change it to something else. But like anything else, there's a right and a wrong way to choose hair color. The best way to choose is to make sure the color complements your skin tones. Learning about skin tone is therefore the first, necessary step for understanding what hair colors will look best against your skin.

Start by assessing the natural colors of your eyes and hair. These are the first clues to whether the undertones of your skin are warm or cool.

Cool Complexions

Those people who have cool complexions tend to have:

*Hair with a natural color that is golden blonde, medium ash blonde, dark brown, or blue-black

*Light skin with no undertones or with some pink

*Gold, olive, or dark skin

*Skin turns brown or bronze when tan

*Brown or dark-colored eyes

Warm Complexions

Warm complected people tend to have:

*Hair with a natural color that is strawberry blonde, golden brown, deep brown, red, or reddish

*Light skin with gold or peach undertones

*Brown skin with copper, gold, or pink undertones

*Skin is golden brown when tan


*Green or blue eyes

Those with warm skin look nice with deep, rich tones like auburn, mahogany, chestnut, and dark golden brown. You can use a complement of copper, cinnamon, or red streaks. Shades with gold in them, such as the darker bronzes or caramels are also great with your skin, but stay away from jet-black which tends to wash out your skin. Also avoid brassy-toned blondes because these look harsh against your skin.

Cool-toned skin looks great with red, deep brown, or blonde hair with highlights of ash or honey. Cool browns and ash blondes work well to get rid of the tendency toward ruddiness in cool-toned skins. These colors serve to neutralize your skin tone. Sometimes, these colors will also work well with highlights in copper, auburn, or gold tones.

Just about anyone can look good as a redhead as long as the right shade is chosen. However, those with cool skin tones pull off the look best of all.

If you've got fair skin, you're a lucky girl. Just about any hair color will look good on you. But those with very pink complexions would do well to avoid golden blondes and reds. If you were blonde when you were a kid, it's probable you still have the right colored skin to go with blonde hair now.

If your complexion is olive-toned, the best hair colors for you include rich, dark shades of brown and red. Darker hair colors work best to emphasize brown or green eyes.

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