Healthy Eating For Kids

Children need good nutrition and a balanced diet to help them stay healthy. As parents, you can help your children develop a lifetime of good eating habits.

What are healthy foods for kids?

The food pyramid is a clever chart that shows foods from the five food groups. It is a simple way of explaining how much children need from each food group in order to grow and be healthy.

The widest part of the pyramid, the base, is made up of foods such as bread, cereals, rice, pasta, beans and lentils. These types of foods should make up the biggest part of your child's diet.

Fruit and vegetables are next in the pyramid, followed by dairy produce, meat, chicken, fish, nuts and eggs.

As you move up the pyramid the amounts of each food group that children need gets smaller.

Finally, fats, sugars and oils are at the top of the pyramid. These are foods that we really don't need much of in our daily diet.

It's important to teach children that healthy foods contain vitamins, minerals and fiber. Kids bodies need lots of these to prevent sickness and to help them to grow. The foods at the top of the pyramid, such as sugars, contain very little nutrients. Your children should only eat these foods as 'extras', something to be had occasionally.

Healthy eating tips for the whole family:

Family meals - this is a great chance for families to spend time together. It's a good opportunity to introduce new foods and healthy choices. Studies have shown that kids who have regular family meals are more likely to eat fruit and vegetables, and less likely to eat unhealthy snacks.

Be positive - don't turn mealtimes into a battleground. It's not a good tactic to bribe or punish children so that they eat healthy food. Kids should be able to decide when they are hungry and when they are full. As parents you can still be in control of what foods are available to your child without turning food into a conflict.

Let the kids get involved - Another great idea is to involve the kids in decisions about meal choices. It's not just about feeding your kids healthy food, but also about educating them to make the right choices in the future.

The best way to encourage your kids to eat a healthy balanced diet is to eat well yourself. If you eat sensibly and keep a positive approach to food, you will be the best role model for your kids.

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