How To Wash Your Face

Healthy Glow

Anything worth doing is worth doing well and that would include washing your face. Done the right way, cleansing your skin gives it a healthy glow. That's important because your face is the first thing people notice. A glowing complexion speaks a lot about your character and self-image.

Here's How

Here's how to get the look:

*Move your hair out of your face. If you wear bangs, use a headband to pull them back so as to expose the skin of your forehead.

*Make sure your hands are clean. Give your hands a thorough cleaning. Use a nursery trick and sing the song Happy Birthday to yourself twice while lathering, then rinse off for the cleanest hands possible.

*Wet the face with lukewarm water. Place a nickel-sized amount of facial cleanser on your hands. Make sure the cleanser you use is gentle and suits your skin type. Never use soap.

*Rub your hands together to work up a good lather. Apply the lather to your face.

*Massage the cleanser lather to every part of your face. This should take half a minute. Start at the hairline and then work your way down the forehead, taking care to spend time on the midsection of your face, or the "t-zone." Next you can work the lather into your cheeks, around the mouth, and onto the chin area.

*Don't neglect the neck area. Apply cleanser to this area with upward strokes. Take care too, to clean behind the ears (Mom always told you so) because there are oil glands in this area.

*Rinse off the cleanser with lukewarm water. Never use water that is hot or very cold since this may lead to broken capillaries.

*Pat (don't rub) dry with a clean towel made of absorbent, soft cloth.

*If your pores are visibly large, now is the time to apply toner or astringent to help tighten and close the pores. These products also help to remove all traces of cleanser that may have been missed during the rinsing-off part of your face-washing regimen.

*Follow up with moisturizer. It can be difficult to judge the amount you need. If your skin feels tight, it's a good bet you need a generous amount. If you have oily skin, go easy but don't skip the moisturizer. As long as your face is clean and you use the right amount, moisturizer is a healthy skin treat.

*Some say that eye cream is essential. Others beg to differ. If you have dry, aging, or delicate skin, it can't hurt to apply a cream made especially for this fragile area.   

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