iPhone Plastic Surgery App

Do you ever fantasize about how you'd look with bigger breasts, a smaller chin, or a shapelier nose? Now there's an app that can help you do more than just fantasize. A plastic surgeon hailing from South Florida dreamed up the aphony app that helps you visualize what you'd look like after a cosmetic surgery procedure. The app has earned international popularity.

Sawing Sounds

Today, Dr. Michael Salzhauer's face beams out from over half a million iPhones throughout the world. The Bal Harbor plastic surgeon even managed to inject some humor into his brilliant concept so that one hears grinding, screaming, and sawing sounds as they try on different noses/breasts/chins, and etc. But it's not just a big joke: Salzhauer says you really can get a fair idea of how you'd look after surgical "improvement."

One nice thing about the little technical toy is that it allows you to try out a look in the privacy of your home. Once you're convinced that you want to go ahead and explore the idea in the sphere of the real world, you can email the photos you've generated to a plastic surgeon or perhaps make an appointment to speak with a surgeon about which surgeries may or may not be possible.

Even MTV is jumping on the iSurgeon bandwagon. The MTV website uses the app to let you "Heidi yourself." This is a reference to the reality TV star Heidi Montag who confessed to the public that she underwent 10 cosmetic surgeries in a single day. Not that Dr. Salzhauer is pushing that idea, but he would like the public to know how available and useful cosmetic surgery can be.

Body Image

Clinical psychologist Dr. Maria Valcourt Rodriguez, from Mount Sinai Hospital says that technology is an awesome thing, but notes that app users should try to keep from getting obsessed with body image. Rodriguez also stresses that a person needs to examine the motives behind the desire for plastic surgery, too. Anyone having ten cosmetic surgeries in a single day should be getting help from a mental health professional.

The need for so many cosmetic surgeries indicates that the patient is uncomfortable with herself no matter how she looks and surgery is not going to solve the problem. Dr. Salzhauer says that his app isn't meant for the self-obsessed. It's supposed to be a fun tool that can help you satisfy your curiosity on how you would look if only you had that perfect face and body.

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