Love the One You're With

Even With All Of The Help - We Still Don't Get It

The past 25 years have seen a massive move in self-growth and focus on knowing and accepting ourselves as we are, warts and all. Methods, courses, seminars and books abound designed to help us embrace who and what we are and make changes to become more of what we want to be. Yet, for all of the good information available, women still seem to have a difficult time accepting themselves, especially their bodies. The billions of dollars spent on diet aids, and internet magic to reduce weight is proof of that.

They say that what you see on the outside is a reflection of what is felt on the inside. While there is some truth to that, a lot of women look great externally but are killing themselves internally with hidden addictions and habits that are born out of self-hatred rather than self-love. In a bid to be model-thin and thought of as youthful and healthy, many women, young and older, starve their bodies, abuse them with diet drugs, and over train them at the gym.

Sabotaged by the Media

A healthy diet is essential to good health, and a regular fitness routine is just as important to ensure good health, strong bones, and energy. The fact that media and advertising have hijacked these essential factors to good health and used them in messages that say "all women must be thin and youthful to be considered beautiful," often leaves women cold when it comes to the discipline of caring for their bodies.

We all want to look and feel healthy and comfortable in our bodies. But a healthy body isn't always linked to appearance. Healthy bodies come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes - there is no one-size-fits-all in life, contrary to what we've been told. Every woman has a weight that is perfect for her, a clothing style that suits her body perfectly, and a hair cut and color that is hers alone. Finding all of these parts to the whole can be fun or it can be daunting. It all revolves around body image and how we feel about ourselves on the inside first.

Will I Ever Be Okay With My Body?

It is possible to build a good body image and gain the confidence that comes from knowing you're great, no matter what your size. Find your own set-point, that place where your body weight is right for you. You know where it is because it doesn't matter how much to try to drop below it, you end up at that weight regardless. Stop seeking the model's body and embrace the one you've got. It has to last a few years, so taking good care of it is important.

Rather than tearing your body apart piece by piece, condemning each part for its flaws and imperfections, look at yourself as a whole person. You are not your thighs, you have thighs. You are not your breasts, you have breasts. They are part of the whole, not the whole themselves. When you can view your body as a whole, beautiful package, you will likely be more accepting of yourself.

Choosing For You

Exercise is essential to good health. It has been flogged as a weight reduction tool, and it certainly does help in that area, but exercise is more than that. Choose the type of exercise that works for you. Not everyone can lift heavy weights, yoga may be more their speed. Running is great for some women, but others do much better playing tennis than running. Find the type of exercise that makes you feel great, gives you a good sense of having worked out, and leaves you feeling invigorated and happy.

Instead of worrying about whether your body looks good enough, take time to appreciate your body and all it does for you each and every day. You're on your way to loving the one you're with - and that one would be YOU.

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