Creating A Natural Boost in Fertility

Trying to get pregnant can be a very stressful experience for many couples.  Before resorting to medical intervention or fertility treatments, some women prefer to try natural fertility methods.  While these methods are not necessarily proven medically to increase fertility and to guarantee conception, they are ideas that can help in many ways.

Many of the ideas listed below for inducing natural fertility have other proven benefits.  Many of these techniques strengthen the body, calm the woman, and help the couple to bond.  All of these qualities can be very beneficial - both for the woman, the couple, and the couple's chances of conceiving. 

Here are a few helpful ideas for creating a natural boost in your fertility.


Aromatherapy - Aromatherapy helps to create regular menstrual cycles, which obviously helps you to time your conception and to increase your chances of conceiving.  It also helps you to relax and to reduce stress and depression.  These can be incredibly beneficial for a couple who needs to relax and reduce the stress of trying to become pregnant.  Aromatherapy consists of having essential oils used to relax the body.  The best ways to do this are through massage where oils are rubbed onto the skin or through a bath where oils are put into the water.  Either of these can be a great activity to do with a partner as an aphrodisiac, or by yourself as a way to relax.


Acupuncture - This is another treatment that is recommended as a natural fertility enhancer.  This is an ancient medical practice where sterilized needles are used at specific points on the body to realign the body and to rebalance the energy.  Acupuncture has been proven to release hormones which induce relaxation in the body.  Some women will try this method in conjunction with IVF or other treatments.  This method has been proven as a fertility method.  One study done by the Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Center in Colorado in 2004 found that of the women who only did IVF, 36% became pregnant while, for those who combined IVF with acupuncture, 51% become pregnant.  Fertility problems in men can also be treated this way.

Fertility Yoga

Fertility Yoga - While this may sound a bit far fetched, there is a type of yoga that's specifically designed for couples who are having fertility problems.  It combines the basic principles of yoga with specific positions that have been designed to increase reproductive health.  If nothing else, fertility yoga certainly helps the couple to relax and to increase their flexibility and their muscle tone.  Yoga also increases blood circulation, reducing fatigue and reduces stress.


Hydrotherapy - One final natural fertility treatment is hydrotherapy.  This technique improves circulation, reduces stress, and helps with digestion.  It is a great way to reduce both stress and depression, two things that are often caused by infertility and which can negatively influence the chances of getting pregnant.

These are just a few of the many great natural fertility techniques that can help you on your way to parenthood.  Worst case senerio - these techniques will help you to relax and to bond with your partner.  At best, they will help you to welcome a beautiful new person into the world!

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