Pregnancy Week 32

Although not quite ready for a full manicure, baby now has a full set of fingernails and a full set of toenails. Weighing in at nearly four pounds and standing tall at 19 inches, baby continues to gain weight and grow strong in preparation for his exit from the womb.

I Can't Possibly Get Any Bigger! Pregnancy Belly

Your body continues to stretch and grow. You are probably thinking you can't possibly get any bigger, but you will be amazed at just how much more give there is to your skin as you continue through the third trimester. You will continue to gain weight, around a pound a week, for the duration of your pregnancy. Your blood volume has increased by 40 to 50 percent and its circulation helps to accommodate baby. All of the symptoms and discomforts you were feeling last week and the week before continue. As your center of gravity shifts, you may begin to experience more discomfort or pain in your buttocks and lower back. Take your time moving from place to place. Leg cramps may return as your body tries to adapt to new postures to handle the gravity changes.

Relaxin, The Relaxing Hormone

A special hormone designed to help your body stretch and soften its ligaments and pelvic tendons is secreted now. Relaxin helps to ease delivery of your baby. Since it does relax your ligaments, it is important to be aware of how hard and far you are stretching and pushing yourself. Injuries can happen easily as relaxin is secreted into your body. If you have been exercising, remember to take it easy and avoid over stretching. A muscle or ligament tear is not only painful; it can take weeks to heal. You don't need that on top of having a baby.

Eat, Drink And Sleep-Sounds Like A Plan

Your ever-expanding uterus may still give you some grief in terms of heartburn. Remember to avoid the foods that cause you discomfort and eat small meals rather than large ones. It is especially important to drink lots of water and eat high fiber foods to avoid constipation, which typically happens in late pregnancy. Your body is preparing to give birth and even though it may feel awkward and clumsy, it is doing its job wonderfully well.

Sleeping is still elusive and will continue to be for the duration of your pregnancy. Why not invest in body pillows (if you haven't already) and some silk sheets and pyjamas? Silk against silk slides very easily and it may be just the thing to help you change position in bed without tremendous effort.

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