Popular Earlobe Surgery

Lots of women are crazy about heavy dangling earrings, but their ears may pay the price. Most vulnerable are models and middle-aged women. The surgical repair of torn earlobes is becoming more and more popular every day.

Torn earlobes are a common problem in women fond of big, weighty earrings. The constant pulling of the flesh in a downward direction, due to the weight of the earrings, causes the lower part of the earlobe to split. Some women worsen the problem by wearing their earrings to bed. As the earrings rub against the pillow, the ear is pulled and the piercing enlarges.

Common Causes For Earlobe Surgery

The most common causes of lobe tearing include wearing pendulous, heavy earrings on a regular basis, hairbrushes or telephone cord pulls that snag on the ear, domestic abuse or assault, and curious babies who reach up to yank on a mother's earrings. Models often have to wear showier earring styles which tend to be weightier. Their earlobes bear the brunt of these glamorous styles. Experts advise models to avoid these styles when they are on their own time to avoid such earlobe splitting.

But when the earlobe does split, there is a solution: lobuplasty. Plastic surgeons may receive 7-10 queries each month about this earlobe surgery. In most cases only one earlobe is split or torn and this is due to the common habit of fiddling with just one ear—often the same one, again and again. The yanking and fiddling exacerbates the problem caused by wearing the dangly earrings.

A woman who favors this style of earring may notice that the piercing in one ear becomes larger and more elongated than that of the other. At this point, it's possible to prevent further damage by ceasing to wear heavy earrings. 

Not Expensive: Affordable Earlobe Surgery

Lobuloplasty is not very expensive compared to some plastic surgery procedures. Depending upon the location and surgeon, costs run $250-$750 per ear. The surgery is done with only a local anesthesia. If the reconstruction is more complex, the surgery may take a few hours or necessitate further rounds of surgery. 

After the procedure, it's important to avoid heavy earrings in future. There is a type of earring that has a chain to help support the weight of the earring. These earrings are acceptable alternatives for the post-lobuplasty patient.

The surgery effectively closes the piercing. Re-piercing can be done three months post-surgery. If the patient tends to heavy scarring the surgery is contraindicated, though the split earlobe can still be treated with the use of silicone gel and steroid injections.

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