Announcing Your Pregnancy

Congratulations! Whether conception was easy or difficult, you are pregnant and it's your special secret, for now. You can't wait to share your big news with everyone. Telling people is exciting. It makes the whole thing seem more real, more true, more believable.

So how are you going to share the news of your pregnancy with everyone? Here are some fun suggestions for telling people, from your spouse to your neighbors.

Gift-Wrapped Pregnancy Announcements

A non-baby wrapped baby gift is a cute idea. Wrap a pair of booties, package of onsies, or pacifier in a very generic wrapping that won't give any hints. Present the gift to your partner, "just because." Enjoy his reaction when he opens it. Then leave the gift in an obvious place for friends and neighbors to ask about, or not.

Romantic Dinner for Two To Announce Pregnancy

For a more subtle approach, you can make a romantic dinner for the two of you. While your partner is expecting a four-course meal, you'll serve baby-esque food: baby-backed ribs, baby carrots, and baby's apple juice served in little sippy cups. For dessert, serve baby teething cookies. Or, have a baby themed movie night - offer choices like Nine Months, Shes Having a Baby, Junior, etc.

Creative Pregnancy Announcements

If you are looking for a public forum, you can have it announced in a public place, like a sporting event, arena or theater. There are T-Shirts displaying messages of all kinds. Why not make this yours?

You can show off the ultrasound picture. As part of your regular prenatal care, you will likely have an ultrasound in the first several weeks of pregnancy. This can be a fun way to announce your pregnancy. You can tell friends and loved ones that you have a picture that you want to show them. Watch for their surprise when you show them the ultrasound photo of your soon-to-be-born little one!

When a holiday or birthday is coming up, you can use greeting cards to announce your pregnancy. For example, send your mother a birthday card addressed to "Grandmom". She may be confused at first, until you sign the card "With love from your baby grandchild" -- and put your due date on the card. This can also be done for aunts, uncles and other new relationship titles.

Pregnancy announcements at Christmas are also very popular - so if you find out the good news when it's the holiday season, combine your news and well wishes with a Christmas card.

Why not have a Barbecue, dinner party or fun get together with your close friends? Propose a toast - to the new addition, but only have a sip. Remember, your health and the baby's are what's most important now. You could order a special cake from a bakery for the occasion and share your news that way.

Sound Advice for Pregnancy Announcements

Here are just a few warnings to make sharing this news a positive and memorable experience for everyone.

Be aware of your timing.
Your good news may rub salt in someone else's wound. Did your sister-in-law miscarry last week? Be sensitive to her feelings as well. Imagine how you would feel.

Don't be offended if people are surprised.
Sometimes it takes a little while for others to get used to the news that their relationship with you might be changing as well adjust to the idea of their new role.

Most importantly, know your partner.
Some men would enjoy the methods described above, and some would prefer a more serious or private approach. Be careful to remember that this baby and this news belongs to both of you. Together you can get creative and brainstorm some ideas of your own. Personalize the announcement in any way you choose. This is your child and you can have as much fun as you want!

For more information on getting pregnant and your pregnancy check out our pregnancy videos.

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