Pregnancy Week Eight

In the eighth week of your pregnancy you have just passed the midway point of the first trimester. The second month of pregnancy usually finishes in week eight or nine. As in the seventh week of pregnancy, it's still unlikely in the eighth week that anyone will notice you're pregnant unless you give them the information. Even if you point out your pregnancy symptoms to someone else (such as slightly larger breasts) the difference may still be imperceptible to them. At this stage of pregnancy, many women choose to keep their pregnancy secret from everyone except very close family and friends (see our page on pregnancy week seven for more information on this).

Pregnancy Tests

As week eight generally marks the end of the second month, you should by this stage have been to the doctor for a monthly check-up and had some tests done. If you haven't already seen your doctor this month, make an appointment now. Tests usually carried out in the second month of pregnancy generally include a check on how much weight you've gained and how your blood pressure is doing, and a urine test to check your levels of sugar and proteins. Your doctor may also examine your hands and feet to check for swelling, and your legs to check if you are developing any varicose veins (a common pregnancy problem).

Pregnancy symptoms in the eight week probably won't be much different to the symptoms you've been experiencing since the beginning of the second month. You may, however, find that certain symptoms ease off or become more intense as the month progresses. If any of your symptoms are very severe, you should let your doctor know - he or she may want to perform tests to check whether your symptoms indicate that something is wrong.

Normal Pregnancy Symptoms

In the eight week of pregnancy, the following developments are considered normal:

Some tightness around the waistline when wearing clothes which fit you just a couple of weeks ago (this is because your uterus is expanding to accommodate your baby - by the end of the second month, your uterus will be approximately the same size as a large grapefruit).

Changes in your breasts (your breasts may feel tender and may even have changed in color or size. You may already need to buy a larger bra).

Morning sickness


Problems with digestion

A strong desire to eat or avoid certain foods

Headaches from time to time

White discharge from the vagina (inform you doctor immediately if you experience any vaginal bleeding)

What Your Baby Looks Like

In week eight, the embryo inside you has been developing for around two months. Your baby will be approximately one inch long and he or she will no longer have a tail. He has already grown arms and feet with fingers and toes. Although his eyelids are still shut all the time, he does have eyes, as well as ears and very small nose and tongue. Inside him, the major organs and systems have begun to grow. At this stage, your baby may move around a bit, but you won't be able to feel him moving for a while yet. The placenta, which is going to feed him and supply him with oxygen for the rest of the time he spends inside you, has begun to develop.


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