Will I Ever Wake Up? Weeks Five and Six

Pregnancy Fatigue

If you can read this and you're five weeks pregnant - kudos to you. You're probably wondering if you'll ever feel fully awake again. It's one of the signs of pregnancy and yes, you will eventually wake up. Generally, all of the symptoms you began to feel last week will remain and a few more may come along. A sport bra at night may help the breast pain. If you suddenly stop having symptoms, call your health care provider immediately. There are some women who never have symptoms of pregnancy. They seem to sail through the entire nine months without so much as a burp. Lucky them, you say. Those women might be concerned over the lack of symptoms. A word to such women, don't panic and count your blessings.

Fetal Development

Baby's heart is pitter-pattering away this week. It's happened so quickly! About 90 percent of the yolk sac is formed and if you can see the baby in a transvaginal ultrasound, you can tell which end is up. Remember the folic acid you took when you were "acting like you are pregnant"? Well, it's paying off now as the neural folds, the beginning of the nervous system and the spine, begin to fuse together. Baby is getting tall - 1.5 - 2.5 mm!

Communication is important for both members of the couple. Things are a bit weird right now for the father. You don't look different, although you are certainly beginning to act differently. The uncertainty of what to expect next can keep a man conflicted, so communicate regularly about how you're both feeling.

Six Weeks Pregnant and Sick

Okay, now you're sick! Six weeks into your pregnancy and you're throwing up breakfast. Getting out of bed in the morning is a nightmare as your head spins and you lunge for the bathroom. But, then it happens again in the afternoon. And you thought it was called "morning sickness". Smells can set you off and the sight of something you used to like can make you gag. Have someone else make dinner. Your breasts are feeling heavy and the areola (the dark nipple part of the breast) is becoming darker. If you have a cat, let someone else empty the litter. There's a risk of toxoplasmosis with cat litter and it can cause real problems for your pregnancy and your newborn. If you had the cat before you were pregnant, you've likely already had toxoplasmosis - you just thought it was the flu. Keep the cat, just let someone else deal with the litter.

Baby's Heartbeat

A busy week for Baby. From top to tail baby now measures 4-6mm and the larynx (the better to talk with) as well as the inner ear are forming. The placenta has begun formation but won't be ready to produce hormones for a few weeks. Baby's heart is bulging and blood is circulating well by now. Arms and legs are budding and the early tissue growth of some of the major organs is evident.

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