Pregnancy Week Seven

Week seven of your pregnancy falls approximately mid-way through your second month. At this point, you are around half way through your first trimester. Unless you tell other people that you're pregnant, they're unlikely to notice in your seventh week, because most of the changes you're experiencing are still very much internal. Many women choose not to announce their pregnancies at this stage. The end of the first trimester (approximately week 13) is generally considered the "safe" boundary after which the chances of pregnancy loss diminish, therefore some people prefer to wait until then to tell friends and colleagues the good news. (Of course, this is a matter of personal choice, and if you feel you want to tell people then that's what you should do!)

What Your Baby Looks Like

In the seventh week, your baby is still growing towards a size of around one inch in length, which he or she will reach at the end of the second month (around week eight or nine). By this stage, you can expect him to have lost the little tail which is characteristic of embryos in the first month of pregnancy. In week seven, he is still developing all the physical features which he'll have at the end of the month: little arms and feet complete with fingers and toes; eyes (the lids aren't yet able to open); and a small nose and tongue. Your baby's important organs and internal systems are starting to grow, but have a long way to go yet. Your baby may even make some movements, but you will have to wait several weeks before you'll be able to feel them. The placenta, which will supply your baby with oxygen and nutrients for the reminder of the pregnancy, is being built.

Your Pregnancy Body

In the seventh week of pregnancy, the changes in your body are generally not perceptible to other people. You may notice that your jeans feel tighter around the waist and that your breasts have grown enough to necessitate the purchase of a bigger bra. Even though you probably aren't gaining a lot of weight at this stage, your waistline may be growing because your uterus is expanding. The recommended target weight gain for the first trimester is three or four pounds. If you seem to be ahead of yourself talk to your doctor; it could be that you are further along in your pregnancy than you think, or perhaps you need to make some changes to your diet.

Normal Pregnancy Problems

The following pregnancy "problems" are to be expected in the seventh week, however, if you experience severe symptoms of any kind you should speak to your doctor as soon as possible.


Frequent trips to the bathroom to pee

Constipation and other digestive system upsets

Sore breasts

Changes in the breasts' appearance (size and color)

Nausea (morning sickness) with or without actual vomiting

Occasional headaches

Food cravings or aversions

White vaginal discharge (if you experience any bleeding try not to worry, it may be perfectly normal, but do tell your doctor about it right away)


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