Buttock Lift: Rear-Ended

You've tried but nothing seems to yield you the posterior of your dreams. It's flat, or maybe it droops. Exercise and diet just don't seem to (excuse the pun) make a dent.

Maybe your backside is neither flat nor droopy but just doesn't have any personality? Perhaps you just had a breast augmentation and now you realize your butt is wildly out of synch with your perky new breasts. Let's face it: right now your derriere is your worst feature.

Join the millions of unhappy owners of less than perfect rear ends and get a butt lift. Buttocks augmentation will make your clothes fit the way they should and you'll feel so much more attractive and confident after your procedure.

The buttock lift changes the contour of your backside so that it juts out in a spunkier, perkier way. Imperfections lining the surface of the skin in your buttocks area are removed. This helps your tush look smooth and tight. There will be no more sagging or dimpling of the skin.

Brand New Buttock Lift Surgery

This is brand new stuff, the buttock lift. It's high on the roster of the latest cosmetic procedures to be snapped up by plastic surgery aficionados. Patients may opt to have just the butt lift, or have one as part of larger procedure: the total body lift.

In a butt lift, the surgeon removes your excess skin, grafts fat or inserts an implant into the desired areas and then tightens and lifts the skin that lines the top part of your rear end. If the buttocks are quite large, the surgeon may suggest you have liposuction to reduce the total size of your posterior.

Butt Wedge: No Scar Buttock Lift

There is yet another surgical option known as the butt wedge. This procedure lifts a saggy bottom without need for an actual augmentation. The surgeon removes tissue and tightens the skin which gives the buttocks a lift. The site of tissue removal is hidden by the cleft of the buttocks so no scar is visible.

A good cosmetic surgeon will explain to you the various surgical options so you can make an informed decision in choosing the procedure that's best for you.

The buttocks augmentation surgery will be performed either under general anesthesia or twilight anesthesia. The latter is a kind of sedation that will help you remain relaxed, comfortable and without pain for the duration of the procedure.

The butt lift is considered out-patient surgery and patients tend to tolerate the procedure well. You'll want to sit out (oops, another pun) activities that cause stress to your posterior for about a week after the surgery, such as sitting down. If you don't need to sit for long periods while going about your job, you can go back to work in about two weeks.

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