Child Safety

Child Safety is one of the most important things that you should learn as a parent during child rearing. Children can be very naïve,and full of curiosity who love to explore things. And letting them out of your sight especially your toddlers for even a fraction of a second would mean that a disaster is waiting to happen. So, it is very essential that you learn about child safety and protect them from dangers before it is too late.

One of most important things that you should remember when you bring home your baby is child proofing. Get a professional to childproof your home, from your window blinds to uncovered outlets. Also, don't forget the kitchen, bathrooms and the stairs, which could also be potential hazards for your baby. So, get your home childproofed and don't wait for an accident to happen.

Safety Tips for Children

Here are a few tips and a few safety devices that will help you protect your children and childproof your home better:

Safety latches: Use latches and locks on cabinets and drawers to prevent your toddler from gaining access to medications or cutlery, tools or sharp objects. Look for safety latches at your local hardware store and install them at your home. They usually cost less than 2 dollars.

Safety gates : Install safety gates in your home to prevent falls down the stairs and also to help keep them away from unsafe areas. Look for safety gates that are strong and firm for children, but ones that adults can open and close without difficulty. A safety gate will usually cost between 13 to 40 dollars.

Anti-scald devices: Buy anti-scald devices for your faucets and shower heads and set your water heater temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit so that your children can prevent burns from hot water. Anti-scald devices cost from 6 to 30 dollars.

Smoke detectors: Use smoke detectors on every level on your home to alert you if there is a fire. Also, make sure you check your smoke detectors to see whether or not they are working. If they are battery-operated, change the batteries once a year. Smoke detectors cots less than 10 dollars.

Windows guards and netting: Install guards and netting for windows to help prevent falls from balconies, windows and decks. Make sure they are properly installed. Windows guards and netting cost from 8 to 16 dollars.

Corner and edge covers: Place and cover the corners and sharp edges of your furniture and prevent your children from injury. Make sure that these cover stay on. They cost around 1 dollar.

Outlet covers: Cover you outlets and protect your children from electrical shock or current. Make sure that these covers cannot be easily removed by children and not too small because children can choke on them. Outlet covers costs less than 2 dollars.

Carbon monoxide detector: Always install a carbon monoxide detector in your home to prevent CO poisoning. They cost from 30 to 70 dollars.

For more information on safety and your child check out our child care videos.

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