Question & Answer - Skin Problems In Pregnancy

Skin Worries in Pregnancy

I had great skin before I got pregnant - now I'm puffy, my skin has broken out in acne and it is changing color in places. Will I return to normal or am I doomed?

Your body is not the only part of you that changes during pregnancy - as you've discovered. Significant changes to the complexion are not uncommon during pregnancy as women have the new experience of acne, skin dryness and discoloration. Let us begin by stating this fact, what you are experiencing is not abnormal and yes, you will probably see all of these problems disappear after the baby is born.

Common Skin Conditions Associated with Pregnancy

It is not uncommon for such skin conditions as melasma (brown spots); seborrhoea (red, itchy patches of skin around the nose and scalp); rosacea (redness to the cheek areas); and keratosis pilaris (bumps on the back of the arms) to appear after you become pregnant. Usually the use of topical antibiotics and body and facial moisturizers help to ease these conditions. During pregnancy it is a good idea to avoid too much sun on your face, chemical peels, Retin-A and prescription acne products as they may cause an overreaction and your face will pay the price.

Taking Care of the Pregnant Tummy is Good - How About the Face?

Almost all women are aware of taking good care of the skin on their tummies, and they are faithful to rub plenty of oil on the skin to ensure as few stretch marks as possible. It is important to give the skin on your face special care as well. Treating your face to rich moisturizing lotions and creams, especially after showers and before bed, help to keep conditions associated with dry skin at bay.

A Regular Routine in Pregnancy

Cleansing your skin regularly with a gentle cleanser and keeping it moisturized is the first step. Because your hormones are raging, your skin is susceptible to changes. Adequate water, a good diet, and enough rest and exercise are also good contributors to helping your skin look as good as possible. The fact is that your body is changing and you really don't have a lot of control over the break-outs. Blemish treatments which contain salicylic acid can diminish acne and ingredients like chamomile can help to ease redness and puffiness.

And Why Do You Think They Invented Make-up? Pregnant Puffiness

To deal with the typical telltale signs of pregnancy such as racoon eyes, brown spots and puffiness, use a good concealer and an eye cream which will reduce puffiness. A pale yellow powder on top will help keep the concealer in place and minimize the discoloration. Use foundation to smooth the color into uniformity. If your skin looks dull and dreary, try a bronzer or light blush - something that won't make you look like a Cupie doll.

You're Beautiful When Pregnant

There's no reason why you shouldn't feel like you glow, even if there are some bumps and spots. By taking good care of your skin and capitalizing on the benefits of make-up, you can reduce the appearance of skin problems during your pregnancy.


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