Night Time Potty Training: How Dry I Am

So, the little person in your house is potty-trained and everyone is so proud. And well you should be - it's quite an accomplishment for both child and parents. Mastering day-time bladder control happens long before a child is able to stay dry at night. As a matter of fact, many children under the age of five wet the bed and one in 10 younger primary school children do too.

Daytime vs. Night Time Training

Just because your child is able to use the bathroom during the day does not mean he's ready to stay dry all night. We're talking about two different things when we discuss daytime and night time training. You'll need the same patience it took to get him to where he is now with daytime training to have him stay dry at night.

There are some ways to know if your child is ready for night time training, so don't take him out of diapers too soon. If he wakes up wet every morning, he's obviously not ready and if you take him out of the diaper you will have a wet bed when he gets up. Keep him in diapers until he's dry most mornings when he wakes or until they become wet just before he gets up. A warm, urine-soaked diaper is an indication that he's gone just before he got up. If he calls for you in the night or wakes up to go to the bathroom, he's probably ready to begin the process.

Somebody Help The Child! Potty Training at Night

You can help him to stay dry at night by ensuring that he can get into and out of his bed by himself and that he can pull his pants down and up again alone. Talk to him about going potty at night and work out your methodology together. Will he go to the bathroom or will you put the potty in his room at night? This might take a few discussions before the system clicks. You might have to say, "Come and wake me up when you need to go potty and I'll help you." Make sure there is adequate lighting so he can make his way to the potty without trouble or fear. For his sake and yours, put a plastic cover on the mattress.

It's All About Routine--Night Time Potty Training

Develop your evening routine by making a trip to the bathroom part of the program. While there, gently reinforce the idea that he should get up during the night if he has to go. If he wakes up through the night for any reason ask him if he wants to go before going back to bed. Don't pressure him. He wants to please you and he wants to be a big boy - he'll give you his best effort. Praise him if he's dry in the morning. Don't punish him for wetting the bed, it's not deliberate. Criticizing, humiliating, belittling, or punishing a child for lack of control is not only inappropriate, it is damaging.

Remember, it might take a long time for your child to master night time dryness - be there for him for the long haul.


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