Tips to Fly Pregnant

Most doctors will agree that it's safe to fly and travel during your pregnancy. Certainly, there are situations where women shouldn't fly. In general, however, it's safe to do so. When you're getting ready for your flight, you'll want to think about details that will help to make you more comfortable for the flight.

Before the Flight: Prepare For Pregnant Flying

Consider your clothing for the flight. You'll want to wear the most comfortable outfit possible and should also wear comfortable shoes. You may need to wear shoes that are wider than your regular ones, as your pregnant feet will probably become swollen during the flight. Take your wedding ring or other rings off and leave them at home. Your fingers can also swell a great deal and cause discomfort during and after the flight. Make sure that all of your luggage rolls, or that it will be carried by someone else. Don't bring anything heavy that you'll need to lift.

Getting Ready to Board When Pregnant

Long before the flight is ready to leave, go up to the flight counter and see if you can talk yourself into a more comfortable seat. See if you can get an aisle seat or even a seat that has an empty seat next to it. Try to stick out your belly and make yourself look more pregnant so that the attendant will take pity on you! Try to walk around as much as possible before boarding. This will help you to keep up your circulation and to prevent blood clots and swelling. Be one of the last ones on the plane - who needs to squeeze into your seat early and then wait for everyone to arrive?

On the Plane When Pregnant

Place the seatbelt below your belly while flying pregnant. Drink a lot of water during the flight. Ask the flight attendant if she'll let you keep the entire bottle of water, rather than just drinking from those small cups. Don't take the airline peanuts or crackers - it adds sodium and may make you swell even more. Ask the stewardess if she has any fruit or other healthy snacks, or pack your own healthy items to bring on the plane. Try to get up from your seat every half hour to hour and walk around the plane. Yes, everyone else will hate you, but your body will love you! You need to take care of yourself when you fly pregnant, and this means taking care of your body. Ignore comments or stares if you are bothering people with your movement - it's necessary and important for you to stay active and keep your body moving.

Once You've Landed: Staying Hydrated When Pregnant

Don't be shy about asking someone else to lift your luggage off of the ramp for you. Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids at your destination to help prevent dehydration. Enjoy walking for awhile to get your circulation going again and try to avoid caffeine, even if you are really tired from the flight or from the time difference.

You can certainly have fun traveling while pregnant with these important tips. Bon voyage and enjoy!


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