Tips On Black Hair Care

The hair of blacks or African-Americans is drier, coarser, more brittle, and more curly than their non-African counterparts. For this reason, hair care for a black woman is different and more complex than for Caucasian women since the black woman's hair is more delicate. It's worth noting that leading a healthy lifestyle results in a healthier head of hair. Here are some black hair care tips:

Regular Massage

*To promote oil production, which can counter the tendency for dry hair, give your scalp regular massages.

*Because your hair tends toward dryness, it's best not to shampoo each day. Shampooing strips the oils from your hair. Try to shampoo every 3-7 days, instead.

*If you are very active and generate a lot of sweat, you can rinse your hair with water and keep shampooing to a minimum. But if you must shampoo more often, try a very mild shampoo, such as baby shampoo.

Low pH

*Don't use just any shampoo. Choose a moisturizing shampoo with a low pH level.

*Avoid the 2 in 1 shampoos. These aren't effective for very dry hair. Choose instead single shampoo and conditioner products.

*To avoid tangles, rub in the shampoo in one direction only.

*Avoid very hot water. Choose warm water, instead. Hot water can dry and irritate your scalp.

*Massage oil into your scalp after shampooing, while your hair is still damp and then brush your hair from the scalp out to the ends of your hair to distribute the oil throughout the hair shaft.

*Always use conditioner. Conditioners add moisture, offer some extra protection, add shimmer, cut down on static electricity, and make it far easier to unknot those tangles.

*Leave-in conditioners are fabulous. They both hydrate and protect your hair.

*Never rub your hair with a towel to dry. Instead, use the towel to blot your hair dry. Rubbing causes tangles and tangles lead to breakage.

*Avoid using heat sources like blow dryers on your hair.

*Choose a wide-tooth comb or pick for combing out your hair. Comb when your hair is still damp which helps the comb glide through your hair with greater ease. A leave-in conditioner makes things even easier. Don't comb your hair when very wet, since this is the most vulnerable stage for combing.

*If you hit a tangle or knot while combing, stop and apply your fingers to loosen, and then finish up with your comb.

*Comb to remove tangles before applying your brush. A brush stretches hair, leading to breakage.

*Every day, run a soft hairbrush made of natural boar bristles through your hair. This will help distribute the oil you've rubbed into your scalp throughout your hair. Run the brush under water to dampen before use. 

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