The "Triary": 17 Weeks

It's a Girl!  A Boy!  A Girl! Multiple Pregnancy

The Pregnancy: 17.5 Weeks

This photo shows three heads, from L to R, triplets C, B, and A (the boy).  The rest of the babies are out focus, a limitation of the size of the babies now, all too big to be depicted in one all-inclusive shot of the three.

The Babies:
Triplet A: 17.5(17 weeks 5 days in size)
Triplet B 17.3
Triplet C: 17.2
These readings indicate the three to be growing at approximately the same rate --no discordancy.

The Mother:
Subjective: "Feel great."
Objective:Blood Pressure 134/72
Negative proteinurea (protein spilling in the urine, a sign of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension, formerly called "Toxemia")
Negative glucosurea (sugar spilling in the urine, a sign of gestational diabetes)
Fundal Height (Size of the uterus as felt through the abdomen) = 32 (that of a mid-third trimester single pregnancy.)
Assessment: Doing well.
Plan: Begin bedrest in a few weeks.
Repeat Thyroid Function Tests, CBC (Blood Count), PT, PTT, Fibrinogen (Clotting Studies), SMA-20
(For purposes of getting Fasting Blood Sugar, along with other liver, kidney, etc. tests.)

The real tests of interest are the CBC (watchful for developing anemia), Fibrinogen (merely as follow-up to last visit's concerns, and the Thyroid Functions (The patient is taking Synthroid--Synthetic thyroid hormone--because of hypothyroidism, and her needs for this will change as the pregnancy progresses.)
  Pic on the left shows the forearm and hand up over his head.  Pic on right shows parts of all 4 limbs (bright streaks). The boy--always seen with his hands up close to his face. Sure to have a blanket fixation.  "Strong," says Mom.


Girl #1--The "Wild Child--like her mother," says Mom. Very Active. Pic on Rt. shows her head up agains her brother's head.


(Stands for "Content")
Girl #2
"Most like Dad's personality--laid back," says Mom.
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