The "Triary" - 20 Weeks

It's a Girl!  A Boy!  A Girl! Multiple Births

October 18, 1999
20th Week (Second Trimester)

The Pregnancy:    20 Weeks (Midway!)

The Babies:
    This visit's ultrasound     Triplet A 20.4  (20 weeks 4 days in size)
                                        Triplet B 20.1
                                        Triplet C 19.6

    These readings indicate the three to be growing at approximately the same rate --no discordancy.  All sizes

are within one week of each other.  In ultrasound, this is considered exact.


    Estimated weight for the babies is about a pound each.  Although this doesn't sound like much, you must also add in the extra amniotic fluid, size of the placentas and uterus, and increased blood volume of the mother.

The Mother:
    Subjective:  Doing well.
    Objective:    Blood Pressure 114/70
                        Total weight gain 26#
                        Urine negative for protein or glucose
    Assessment:  Doing incredibly well.
    Plan:             Repeat thyroid function tests and blood count.


TRIPLET A Pic shows the thigh (with the femur length measured) and the lower leg and foot below it. The boy--still with his hands up close to his face. 


Girl #1--The "Wild Child"--still very active.


Girl #2
"Consistently the most petite."


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