The "Triary" 22 Weeks


They have names!

November 1, 1999 

22nd Week (Late Second Trimester)

The Pregnancy:    22 Weeks


The Babies:
    This visit's ultrasound     Triplet A  21.5 (21 weeks 5 days in size)  NEIL
                                        Triplet B   22.1                                        EMILY
                                        Triplet C   21.2                                        AMELIA
    These readings indicate the three to be growing at approximately the same rate --no discordancy.

The Mother:
    (Evaluated today by perinatologist, Dr. Gabrielle Pridjean, Tulane Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dept. of Maternal Fetal Medicine.)
    Fundal Height is now the same size of a term single pregnancy.  Ultrasound demonstrates that the cervix is closed.

    Comment:  Mom has now reached "critical mass," making pre-term labor a particular concern--so far so good.  Cervix is still undilated and unsuspicious.  Besides all of the hormonal interplay leading to labor, there's also a size constraint, after which the uterus tends to want to empty--by expelling the intrauterine contents.  Translated:  The uterus thinks, size-wise, that there's a term single pregnancy, and contractions may become likely.  In fact, contractions have begun to some extent, but are less than 4/hour, which is considered accept

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